Working Out with New Cross Trainer

I am so happy this has made an appearance at the gym I frequent...presenting the


For the life of me, I can't remember what is the name but I've got a feeling it is the same brand as the pic above. So this cross trainer..ahem...can give you a total body workout as it can make use of both your upper body and lower body.

Why am I egg-cited about this? Well the ones that we used to have in the gym were mainly for the lower body because the arms were static and were mere handles for you to hold on to. And of course I would recall the times when I first started on my gym sessions at work and I went on this baby.

Honestly it was hard at first and I struggled big time. Then again, I struggled throughout gym time but I guess I found my silent determination and soon I was making waves on it and they make me burn fats faster and become leaner faster too. Soon I was shedding weight like nobody's business. However there was only one of these babies and then people, even the skinny papayas, would hop on it and didn't seem to wanna get off the bloody thing. Because I still wanted to get on them, I had to use other machines first and then waited until quite late just so that I could have a go for it so it didn't matter to me if I were to go home much later than my other colleagues.

So that was my backstory. Anyway, I realized that I put on quite a lot of weight last year and this year I would just focus on getting back on track and finally achieving my dream weight..which honestly is still considered overweight but heck, if I come out of it looking leaner than ever before, it didn't really matter.

I also mentioned in  my previous post how I was switching from buttered wholemeal bread to simply digestives as lunch. I know the sound of it is rather torturous already but believe me,  you'll feel healthier and then dinner, you can have something heavier and yet still healthy like probably you can have your veggies which I do most of the times.

So now within 2 weeks, I actually don't feel as bloated as I always do but kinda fitter.

And I also used an additional product. No no...there were no pills. I used this product called Celebrity's Choice inchloss body cream and shower scrub. Okay I just bought it coz it was just...pfft...$2 per pack for a trial size so why not even though I have a bigger work surface area to cover, if you know what I mean. Usually for such products, I don't rely on them for some miracle. Even if it does work, it's just so little effect. 

I didn't take the picture but I can provide a link of someone who had used it before:

Bioessence Celebrity's Choice Inchloss Body Cream

I had bought such products before in the past and that time, it did work in the sense that my tummy area felt firmer and looks slimmer. As for using it in the present, it pretty much worked in that way. However I can't prove it since I didn't measure myself in the first place. It could be psychological that I felt that way but I know my body that there is some change in it. 

I didn't use it in any other areas such as my arms or thighs coz it's such a small tube and even then I use sparingly for my tummy area only. There is this heating sensation that needs time to get used to. I normally feel the sensation when I'm walking to work and then at work itself in the morning as I walk around. The heat also intensifies when I am at the gym and working out. 

For the shower scrub I can use it further covering my thighs and my bum. At first I didn't  use it together but just the cream which I started using way earlier. Then I just thought heck, why not since it came together anyway and so far, I believe that it has worked better together.

But don't take my word for it because it could just be psychological as I didn't measure up first. But seriously its $2. And there is no short cut to weight loss ever. It helps to aid in the loss of inches but ultimately it's your diet and exercise combo that should lead to such loss.

Currently it is available at certain watson's shop if you are interested.

Okay I am feeling the after effects of the gym workout from using the new cross trainer. Ouch :S but pain no gain I guess.

3 cheers to a slimmer me by the end of the year! wooh!


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