Friday, March 16, 2012

A Second Chance

I have been waiting...waiting for a good response from my brother's school that he will be accepted back in again to repeat his O level. You know what, I hate waiting. I really do. Okay actually I am fine with waiting but not when I am so nervous with anticipation so I can really imagine the trauma reality contestants go through every week.

This concerns my brother's future and also uhm, my pockets. Though there is always the option of letting him take the O level fees as a private candidate, I can't picture myself paying so much for it.


My brother's school has responded and I am happy that he is allowed to come back to school :)! All the praying has worked. My next step is to apply for financial assistance through the school and also to apply for tuition for him. 

Actually just now I looked at the website of the exam board and apparently the fees is well, just slightly higher. Woops. But it doesn't matter because there is no way I could afford to enrol him for private classes because it is so expensive. Almost $2K?!! You must be kidding me! 

He's kinda angry with me because he didn't want to go back there and then there is this matter of shame of returning back again and retaking the exams. But what can we do? He just have to be all thick skinned about it. I guess eventually he will get it over and done with. I went through the same thing as him, repeating the level again after not being promoted to the next level. I was absolutely feeling ostracized but thankfully for me, my then classmates were so friendly and then we become friends, right until now ten years on :)

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and it is understandably difficult at first to accept that things are not meant to be what we want them to be. I was devastated that he was unable to go to a single polytechnic course. I would say he isn't one of those super hardworking kids but I just believe that he would end up at some course, even if it is not the best course.

Oh well. I hope he doesn't ruin this second opportunity, which almost didn't come into place if I hadn't come into the picture and tried to help him out. Even though we both may be at loggerheads at times, and he until now refuse to say that he loves me being a typical angst teenager, and I myself may say nasty things to him, he is still my brother if you know what I mean.

I wish him all the best and this time, I am also going to step up my efforts in ensuring that he does better in his exams. 

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