Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back to the Books

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this despite my egg-citement last week! Maybe I did..but I can't seem to find since you know, I tend to ramble. If you have read it and somehow I missed it, just treat this as a repeat telecast, haha.

Anyway, I am happy to say that I can actually return to my studies! Of course everyone seems to be upgrading themselves, from taking a degree to a master's degree...but you just need to have the moolah, which obviously I don't.

Apparently from last year, I heard of this little known course in poly that offers part time diplomas to people from the same line as me who are in need of upgrading. Now, when I wish to be promoted any further in the future, I must have at least a polytechnic diploma or possess the some career readiness cert which is recognizable across ministries. These two take ages to complete and I'm not so keen with the poly diploma at first as I just couldn't afford the over 3K school fees. At least for the second one, it will be fully sponsored by the ministry so oklah, obviously I have to choose the later though I'm not so keen on it :S Why? Because I already have an O level cert and then the cert itself is equivalent to having O level cert...so really, what is the point?

While I have yet to cross the hurdle of going over my first promotion, to even think about the second promotion where I need to possess either that diploma or the cert, I do in the back of mind wish to return to my studies.

Now I am not one your studious person..and neither am I such a hardworking girl at work although I do try to finish as much work as I can. Even if I am in no mood whatsoever to do the sometimes draggy work, I just have to try my best to complete because I rely on this job as a source of income. However I do think that I shouldn't be staying at this one particular level. Somehow there is a need for me to move up and out.

Regarding the course, I went to the website and looked for this particular part time diploma in business and they do have it. I heard about the subsidies that they will provide and 70% isn't such a bad deal because that is like what..more than 50% ! But still I worry about the other 30% which thankfully is less than $1K even though in my context, paying $950 is still quite a big deal.

So I went through the faqs and then I found out they also have this MOE bursary which they offer to those working Singaporeans another $800 reward annually if my income falls within a certain per capita income. I am so happy to say that....it does! For once, I am happy I am earning only this much, haha.

So can you imagine I pay around $200 only? I know...what a bargain! All in a bid to ensure people like me can finally upgrade without having to pay a hefty fees :)

Unfortunately the deadline has closed because I didn't do my research last year and the intake was at the beginning of this year. The next intake will still be far too long. Meanwhile, I just have to try to save as much as I can for future expenses pertaining to my studies including my transport allowance. But I don't think that will pose much of a problem because I can always refer back to the CDC for financial assistance again.

My mum doesn't seem to mind as long as I bring in higher pay in the future. But she does have her concerns about me going for my studies after work, which will be 3 times per week and imagine how tired I will be. I'm already half dead when I reach home after work, let alone go for my studies?! 

Honestly, I am very nervous about it. Very. The last time I sat for my exams was ten years ago! But really, it is just a matter of time and the right resources for me to resume my studies, even for a diploma as I don't think in the near future, I can afford a degree.

So this is truly TRULY exciting. Well of course there is always the tests, exams, online assessments, project work, presentations blah blah blah...which will take up so much time after work where I will normally prefer to just veg infront of the laptop.

But still, it is for the better right? Yay..I will say this again, so exciting! Hopefully they will have a second intake within this year itself and I will keep my eyes peeled for it :)

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