The School Of Life

How I wish I was back in the eighties where I spent my childhood times. The joys of innocence where you don't have to spend an ounce of worries about adult matters but just what to play and who to play with.

I never thought I could made it through adulthood because I just knew it will be full of challenging problems. And then I was right. Okay actually I was more concerned about outgrowing my teenage years because I couldn't stand it even though one can say that it is a period of emotional turmoil as you make friends, enemies even, discover love and a myriad of other unexplainable emotions. Then lo and behold, adulthood seemed far worse :S

Oh well, one has to go through it no matter what. Sometimes I feel that I am just not cut out on living my life like I just don't know how to handle it. If there is such a thing called a school of life, I would fail badly.

Don't you ever wonder what if your life has turned out differently...for example, for the better? I do too at times when life gets me down and I get saddled from hip to hip with debts which I had to take in order to continue surviving and putting food on my table for my family. It isn't easy and then there were those occasional times where I had to resort to dishonest acts, where if you follow my blog, you will kinda get the gist of it. 

But in this school of life, you can learn a lot of things. Mistakes don't happen without a reason. They happen because they want you to learn from them and become a better person or do something different by getting you out of your comfort zone. I've made mistakes including my dishonest acts but they wouldn't have happened if I had been more careful and that I have carried on my plan on working on entrepreneurship skills.

If there is one thing I could advise young women, such as myself, and that is to learn to pick up a skill, be it baking, cooking or craft, that can help you to be more financial independent. If you have a career that clearly pays you very well, then you don't really need to worry about paying the bills and supporting the family.

But if you are like me barely making ends meet, it is best to learn a skill where nowadays some companies who wants to give back to the society or the social enterprises, are offering classes to impart skills to us. Being a woman is not easy. We actually wear a lot of hats (and as well) and at the end of the day, it can be so physically and mentally exhausting.

It is not true that only married women experience the more intense problems dealing with family problems, careers and having to juggle them together. Single women have their own set of problems too such as myself being a sole breadwinner for the family on barely surviving income.

So in this school of life, what doesn't kill you, make you stronger. Take every hurdle as an opportunity to make things better for yourself. I would also advise to seek help if things get more difficult like for example, myself seeking help from financial assistance when I have problems coping with the rise in prices.

Not everyone has it easy but take it as an opportunity to learn to grow and be fearless and face your problems upfront and not hide from them. While I still think that I do struggle a lot in this school of life, and getting an A is almost impossible, I just have to get it on and be thankful for every little good thing that come my way.

If there's one thing I want to do is to be able to look back few years down the road and knowing that I have survived all the way until right now and how the heck did I do it. I also want to be able to achieve at least fifty percent of what I had set my eyes upon and be dedicated and passionate towards it. I want to look squarely in the eyes of life and say, you can't bring me down. I am going to fight in this battle to find freedom from problems and ever lasting happiness.

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