My Brother's Dilemma

After one problem, comes another and sometimes I absolutely hate my life for it even though I remind myself again and again that there are other people who of course worse off than me. Like I can't imagine being left at the side of the railway station or on the streets to fend for myself as I'm a piece of trash. By the way, this is real and happening in some countries.

My brother got his appeal results for polytechnic admission and unsurprisingly he got rejected. While at first I didn't think that his life was in limbo because his former school could take him in and let him repeat his O level, and now they're telling him a different story. Now they say they have to check with the ministry as to whether he can be admitted in again as the appeal results were released a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago?!! We just got the letter this week!!

What is this, and already the bugger wants to wait for the appeal results first and we already told the teacher that the results would only be told in March and now she drops this bombshell?!!

Now what. My mum would be throwing hissy fits if she finds out that the ministry is not able to let him repeat at his former school. She hasn't been asking and I am cringing at the thought of the ministry not  letting him repeat. I'm here all worried and my brother is taking a laidback approach. It is his future!

Sometimes I say the nastiest things like why do I even have a brother?! Wouldn't life be better if I have grown up as the only child and the only person that I have to take care of is my mum?! It is not a hassle taking care of her..well most of the times...and it wouldn't matter if she's not working because the income I am earning will be enough to support us both.

Then I have to bear the burden of taking care of my brother's needs and education in Singapore. If the school can let him be admitted in again, I will ask for financial assistance as they have increased the income limit to apply for such assistance. Okay one thing is that at least the government here is not as corrupted as other governments in other countries where funds allocated do not necessarily go to the people who need them more. Of course there were about two incidents in the past where money has been misappropriated but we have a government who is constantly on the ball on how money is being used so they are often investigating so that such things don't happen. I know because I work for them and the paperwork regarding finance atrocious.

While our government is not perfect, many times they do think about the people. 

Anyway back to my brother's dilemma, I do not how to react and I have to wait again for the school to have the answers regarding readmission!!! I tell ya I wouldn't be happy if I don't hear the answers that I receive. This is really unfair :(

While that problem has yet to be resolved, at least another one is resolved as we have received the interim financial assistance in the form of food vouchers. Remember at one time I applied for assistance through the CDC and then I had to wait for about a month on whether my application is successful. It is a nerve wrecking one month wait and I hate to check the mailbox but I have to for this matter.

Luckily the letter came in just yesterday which my brother saw and called me immediately regarding the outcome. 

So from now until May, they will give me food vouchers to an amount of $200. Yay!! That is enough to contribute to ease the burden on my ever increasing household expense. I know that they will not give long term assistance because they still want us to be self reliant and not be too reliant on the government.

However I know this will not be my last approach towards them unless of course my transfer to the new scheme is approved and then I will have an increase in pay of about $200 over dollars.

We shall see how it goes. Oh why does every single year give me something to have a  headache over..

Le Sigh.

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