Spotlight Haul and Other Cardmaking Stuffs

Spotlight was having sales for the last few days and I thought I could go down and check it out since they do sell stuffs for card making and the last time, I used to buy the parts to make accessories. Speaking of accessories, I need to revitalize this hobby. Kinda preoccupied with card making this whole week, save for yesterday.

I thought I could get some items but within very limited more than $10? Yes, I is that poor now, haha.

But when I got there, the things are like so pretty! And I was left in dilemma on which items I should get because I wanna catch them all. Then my dilemma quickly dissipated when I received an sms which I thought was from a friend because she was gonna meet up with me, but it was regarding my performance bonus. 

Yay, I'm going to get some moolah this Friday giving a whole new definition to the term..TGIF. After CPF deductions (but of course..), still have a substantial amount :P Honestly I was expecting slightly more but recalling my episode in 2010 where I barely got a $250, which translated to a not-so-good grade, I am happy that the current amount surpassed that by about 3 times.

Anyhoo, coz of that I managed to grab a few more stuffs with the money that  I have now as the sales is only up to today. 

Then when I got home, after a few hours, I realized that I didn't get one or two critical items which by right I should be aiming for. So uhm, I went again but it was sold out and I had to go to another scrapbooking supplies shop. What I like about this shop is that they sell things slightly cheaper than the rest which is a good thing because scrapbooking or cardmaking hobby can be pretty ex so I always aim to get things from the jap store Daiso and when they're on sales such as the recent ones.

Okay! Enough talk..look at what I've got :) In total I actually spent from Spotlight $36 down from the original $51 plus which is about $15 discount because I didn't realize they give 30% discount on each item. That's good right? I'm not a member so I'm fine with that discount too.

Stamp sets and paper pad including the acrylic blocks for the stamps..yay I found them!

Then my friend met up with me and she wanted to go Daiso and I got hold of more stuffs..okay actually 3 and they're $2 each and so I have more stamp sets.

I love the border stamps! So cute..

Then I couldn't get the white stamp pad when I got there so I had to go another shop called Made with Love from the same mall (Plaza Singapura). Eventually I got it after searching high and low for it and it was the only one left. And I got a small bottle of stickles too which is on my 'to buy' list. Oh plus some clear stamps which were on discount and I got one for free. Actually she charged one of them the price before discount but heck, at least got one more for free.

Can't wait to make another card..though I was too tired yesterday..haha.

Loving my new products :)

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