Saturday, March 03, 2012

How Gorgeous & Fab You Are Depends On You

You know, I have never been confident in my looks. I think I'm plainer than your average Jane..haha...but I just take it with a pinch of salt. Like it or not, it is who I am. Of course I do wish I am slimmer so that clothes will fit me better and I'm werking on it though it has been hard. I must admit though that my recent diet change to include digestive biscuits instead of wholemeal bread with margarine or peanut butter is a good switch for lunch at work.

Okay anyway, I do think that to attract guys, you must have either brains and beauty, beauty and if you don't have that, you must have a great personality. Sadly I don't have that and no I'm not like thinking oh what the heck, this is so depressing. It's just me. I am still working on my personality like trying to make changes in my life so as to make a better me and I am taking one step at a time.

But for me to get some interest going with some guys, I think that will take a mega long time as I'm just not the sort who...attracts the opposite sex. Oh well, take it in my stride.

My friends will beg to differ though. I've got a friend who likes to point at random girls, make me look at them and then wishing she has her legs, hair etc etc and currently she's looking skinnier because of the change in her diet due to some stomach illness. Judging from her new appearance, I'm wishing I have that stomach illness...but uhm...I think my bout with food poisoning is enough for now. Sometimes I do think that it is easier for thinner people to say that oh, you're still pretty and blah blah they don't know what plump girls like me go through. We actually have to work twice as hard to be that appealing and gorgeous to girls...and the case of such girls who attract fab boyfriends who don't give a sh*t about their looks, it is so much super rare and they have such a mega personality, it is hard not to fall in love with them.

 Before I make this such a depressing post, for single girls like me who find it hard to attract guys, don't fret. You shouldn't care about what other people think and that you always think you are just not good enough. Begin with saying that you are FABULOUS and things will fall into place. So it takes time for guys to take a liking to you but heck, work on things that make you...YOU. If you learn to love yourself first, by making yourself gorgeous such as making the effort to dress up, be healthy, charming and loves a good laugh every now and then, naturally people will be more attracted to you...both guys and girls. You will be such a fab friend to have :)

So yes, this advice is what I'm giving myself too. Just think gorgeous and think you're fabulous and what would a fab girl like you do. Sit infront of the computer and watch soap reruns ? *ahem* No! You should be doing things that you like by building on your interests and would be nice to add on as a conversation starter :)

Remember that love don't come too easily but they will come eventually....if you learn to love yourself first. 

Good luck!

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