Sunday, March 04, 2012

Star Struck

Yesterday I was so star struck because I was in such close proximity with a celebrity chef!! I watch his show occasionally and he's such a dream boat. I never thought I would meet a supermarket no less...but apparently he would have a cooking demo over there. And I felt so lucky because I heard the tickets for his official cooking demo hosted by AFC was sold out...I mean not that I wanted to go in the first place. I called my mum, who is a fan, that he was there and she actually came down later, haha.

OMG I was so over the moon! Okay too bad I don't have the personality of my other friend who I suppose would just go up to him and say HI!!!!! I'm too shy for that and I was already grinning like an idiot, what more talk to him? I would just DIE.

He is so tall and big as in not big like fat but like larger in life..u know, huggable sorta material, heh. I somehow knew it was him because of his tattoos but he was just standing there casually with no bodyguards around talking to another chef in white. He is so handsome! Imagine if I actually have the courage to go up to him..what would I say..'Hi I know you from Chuck's Day Off. I don't cook but I like watching your show'...*awkward idiotic grin* Argh..I can't imagine that, haha. There was a couple who actually recognised him and he was so down to earth and friendly extending his tattooed arm for a handshake and then taking a picture with them. It could have been me! Dammit, how I wish I have no shame in talking to guys in general. I mean at least for once.

Yes I saw Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes!

He won against Bobby Flay in the Iron Chef America

He didn't look as scruffy but very clean cut. Argh...who cares about local guys now?! hahaha..just kidding.

Such dreamboat. Now can I formally look for a boyfriend who is tall, huggable, handsome and can cook? Because I definitely can't. 

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