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Beauty 101: Revlon Color Burst & Sleek New Blushes

Been awhile since I have done a blog post on beauty stuffs. Not that I have forsaken my love for beauty products..or at least, affordable beauty products because basically I can afford only them. 

I have watched many beauty bloggers' videos and they are just so in love with their lipsticks and how can they not, lipsticks come in a variety of shades. And then now even those budget beauty brands have invested into making lipsticks that are of good quality and come in many pretty shades.

 I would say if you want to invest in good affordable lipsticks, for under $18, you can get hold of the revlon's lip butters.

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter

For a review, you can refer to the link below from Makeup Stash (Singapore).

Revlon Color Burst Review

While I love the different shades and colour of make up, especially eyeshadows and my fave blushers (yum..), I am not a fan of lipsticks because apparently they don't have a lasting power plus I always feel my lips look gawdy with colour..haha.

But! I love me blushes and I have quite a collection as compared to lipsticks which are mainly given to me.

L-R: Sleek Sunrise, Le Femme Terracota & Sleek Carribean

L-R: The shades

I added three of them to my collection recently and two of them..get this, I didn't buy them at full price because I'm a cheapo like that and it's also because I don't want to spend so much money on them anymore as I have hobby :) More on that in a later post.

Two of them I have bought from a blog sale so basically they were used before. But you gotta beware of such sales especially if you have sensitive skin. I do have it so if you are really in need of make up but don't want to spend much, you can look out for such sales and what you do next is to wipe it with a dry piece of tissue. But if you don't want to take the risk, simply avoid them unless they say that it's brand new item and they're selling at a discounted price because they have a similar shade or whatsoever reason.

In the last pic, you can tell why I simply wouldn't mind buying a sleek blush which is $12.00 from a local online shop as compared to the Silky girl blush or any other drugstore brand that has the same size as that blush. The palette is pretty big. Value for money I'd say.

I like this shade. If you don't wanna try other colours apart from the pink tone blushes, you can try this particular shade. It has some shimmer and you can use it also as a soft bronzer.

Sleek Blush Sunrise

When I was browsing the website for the blushes, I found this awesome new product.

OMG..3 blush shades!

I am definitely doomed if my fav local seller starts selling this.

I think they are following closely NARS or maybe they ARE following closely because NARS (which I can't afford) have similar product like this.

Blush heaven here I come..haha.

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