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A Girl Without Degree Must Get Married?

Whenever one of my friends talk about me whether I want to get married..I cringe. Why? I think she's pretty biased in her opinions. Well I am not that educated as in I don't have a degree and hence I am not capable of earning enough moolah so I need to get married and get a man basically to support me. For her, she is financially independent so it is 'okay' for her not to get married.

Honestly that is..what the British term it as...bullocks. Sometimes I think well educated people talk the most rubbish..haha..mostly because they're so studious and not pretty street smart. They go by the books and sometimes they don't see the big picture and may choose to believe in stereotypes.

Look, I don't like to judge people and I can be wrong but I think that is pretty biased, no? 

Every girl, whether they have a degree or not, is capable of falling in love. In fact, every girl, even if she is denial mode, wants to be loved and pampered despite many of us being capable of earning our own moolah and keeping our head up high and be strong and independent. If things happen, they will happen and marriage is inevitable as two people decides to spend the rest of their lives together.

I've always thought weddings are so beautiful, even if they are majestic or just a simple affair because it symbolizes the union of two people who are in love. But I have never thought of myself snagging a guy and getting married. I have talked about this before that I don't have marriage in my life's big picture because there are so many things that I want to do but haven't got around to doing them and also because I've gone through a lot in my own family. One of the last things I want to do is to have my own family and then there comes another set of headache. Marriage is not all bliss you know, in case you haven't noticed the increasing divorce rates.

But let's be optimistic for awhile...and uhm, realistic. I just can't see myself getting married and having a family but still, I'm pretty much open minded that if it is written in the stars I will get married, then I can't be fighting tooth and nail to go against it. But uhm, I hope it doesn't come to that point, haha.

So like what..am I commitment phobic? I don't know. I can only tell you that I have already seen myself incapable of raising a family. That's about it. But I am not cynical about the ideas of falling in love and even Rihanna thinks that we can fall in love in hopeless places, not necessarily places where guys are a sure find. I think love is magical and I especially love how two people can get together despite the many setbacks that they go through.

Because it is hard to explain to certain people who just refuse to understand, sometimes I just have to play along and bemoan that OH! I can't find a guy...I think guys are shallow nowadays...they won't date girls like me who has zero  personality and average looks...blah blah blah. I know it's not true because I've seen quite a lot of couples where the girl is bigger than the guys or the guy is so handsome and the girl is just uhm...average. Of course we as outsiders see them as a strange looking couple though I chose to believe that well, they found something special in one another.

Still the truth still lies that I am just losing out in terms of my social life which you can almost dub as non-existent, haha. Tell me how to meet guys like that? I don't even hang out at hopeless places and be hopelessly in love later.

But whatever it is, girls...don't look for guys because you want someone to support you financially. It shouldn't be the reason of getting married. Anything can happen as if you don't know that enough so you have to be prepared and do things for the right reasons especially since marriage is a long term commitment. 

I'm still holding out for that one chance to get to know guys and be friends with them, even if it means going on casual dates that lead to nothing. I don't think I can just count on my male colleagues as 'friends' right? As they're..uhm..the only male people I talked to, apart from my brother that is.

I have thought about what kind of places we will go on our date, and movie isn't one of them. Prior to going on such dates, I may have to brush up on my conversation skills and know stuffs in general because I am actually a closeted dumb blonde.

So do you agree that girls without degrees should get married for financial reasons? My answer is of course a resounding no. It should NEVER be the reason. We girls should be capable of taking care of ourselves but of course, we like to be pampered as well :)

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