Sunday, March 25, 2012

Obsessed with Spartacus Vengence

I am obsessed with Vengeance! Yes I am! No more soap dramas like Neighbours...but Vengeance!

Okay before you tink I am craa-azy, I am actually referring to the starz drama Spartacus: Vengeance.

I actually followed through the storylines right from the first series which is Spartacus: Blood and Sand and was sad of the demise of the late actor Andy Whitfield who was in the titular role. I even knew they replaced with a new guy.

I tend to read the recaps so I somehow got the gist of what was going on and it was very intriguing which is of no surprise they have many fans.The only thing I can't get over with s the very very graphic stylized gore scenes..eurgh.

But they're former gladiators fighting against the Roman empire for freedom. If there is no bloodshed, it will be Neighbours.

If you can get over the gore and bloody scenes and the graphic simulated sex scenes, you will be glued from one episode to another. You just root for the former gladiators and Spartacus struggle to strengthen the bond among the former gladiators and in their recruit to free the slaves and train them to become warriors much like them in a bid for freedom.

There is fierce loyalty and fighting for what they believe in. Before you start a war, you must know what you are fighting for.

Plus being a fangirl, I absolutely adore half naked male torsos with such great physiques across my laptop screens.

While he is great as an unofficial leader, I am in LURVE with Agron..

Yes him with the unpronounceable surname. He's quite a funny guy when he's not Agron looking at the pics through twitter and his media interviews.

And did I just lurve his character? Short tempered, yet fiercely loyal and caring with a heart. My kind of man! hehe..except for the short tempered part..but he has vastly improved so yeah, I'll take my hunk anytime.

But being in a battle almost all the time, let's hope he doesn't get killed anytime soon :S

In war we shall fight!

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