Receiving the Help I Need

Remembered in my previous post, I mentioned about my family getting food vouchers after my application through the CDC for financial assistance was successful? I had collected them :)

Just some background info, slightly a month ago, I had applied for some financial assistance to help me tide over my difficulties in coping with the rising household goods prices. I went into such difficulty last year and I found it so hard to cope and I also had more outstanding bills to pay. Such a depressing period. It hasn't ended yet so I'm left with no other choice but to try my luck in seeking help from CDC because I heard they give interim help and they had also helped some of my relatives who are actually pretty much worse off than me.

It was of course such a grilling period and the interrogation was ugh. But I just had to do my best answering the questions so that I could get what I wanted. So my efforts paid off and my family was given 3 months worth of food vouchers. I am so happy because it will definitely help me to cope. While yes I admitted that I actually wouldn't mind cash handouts but at least it is better than nothing.

So here's my vouchers :)

I was actually surprised that I got all three months at the same time so imagine my glee when I am holding on to $600 worth of ntuc fairprice gift vouchers. So happy.

Of course this doesn't mean that I can afford to just buy anyhow because it already took guts for me to come down and asked for financial assistance.

So if your family is having difficulties, don't be afraid to seek for help. They will try as much as they can to help you cope tide over this difficult period. There's nothing to be ashamed of because just think that it is for the better.

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