Fat Pay Cheque...May Come My Way?

I like March..well, one thing is that I don't think I would sorta suffer financially, probably initially after pay day but we will work things out as always. This month if my work performance was good this year, I would be getting a performance bonus. Then end of the month, we will get our usual quarterly maintenance allowance. But having gone through a bad patch in 2010 in regards to my performance bonus, I think that the best is that I don't hope for much. Last year was of course the best because I also received additional bonus from the government which added to the amount to quite a lot. 

However I realize that no matter how much money I hold, I just can't save that much. Point being, I am a single income earner and also a breadwinner. The additional money that I get will mostly go into household expenses although for last year's money, I managed to pay my brother's national exam fees. I don't earn much in the first place so naturally I will use this extra income to top up the household expenses. Then in Singapore, it is a struggle because the things here are generally more expensive. 

Hence if you follow my previous posts, I am also trying to brush up my artwork so that I can make use of my own creativity to make moolah. Just like Carrie Underwood who went into singing to so called sing her way through college fees, and unexpectedly get a windfall out of it, we just have to rely on other sources to help keep us afloat during trying periods in terms of finance.

But then like I've always said, there will always be someone worse off than you and even the super rich ones, do still keep old habits like driving their old car or even using the bicycle to go to work. We can't always lavish ourselves with expensive things just because we can. I mean I'm not saying you can if you can afford it but try not to be so selfish and get lost in the world of fine dining and expensive travels and do some good too.

Speaking of income, just early this week I went for a briefing regarding my work scheme. Recently those in the new scheme had a pay raise and we were obviously not given it because we were still in the old scheme and didn't do the transfer back then as it was not popular. My concern was mostly because this new scheme is performance based. At that time I was just starting out in this new ministry so it will be a disadvantage for me. Then two years later I actually got a menial performance bonus which got me pretty worked up like I almost wanted to quit. 

Because of this new pay raise, and the unhappiness of the people in my group who did not get them, they held a briefing saying that we will stand to have a better pay if we switch to this new scheme. I would say the pay is definitely better and I will actually get 15% pay raise. Honestly my current pay kinda sucks because it is actually below market value. 

My boss said that we shouldn't worry about the performance part because she would put in good words for us. Oh well, she may be fierce at times and a go getter but she really watches our back. But then again she doesn't make the final decision. As for me, in terms of performance I only touch base..haha. I'm not the one who make big decisions that can change everything. I'm like work done and I can go home type. You won't see as an excellent worker..haha.

Anyhoo, I will be applying for the transfer though it is still subjected to approval. I hope that they will approve and by June I will get a big fat pay cheque..haha. Why? Because they will be backdating the additional income (for e.g if I earned 1500 previously and in june I earn 1700, I will get the additional 200 from each month of feb to may) unless I get a promotion in May. By then, I won't get the backdated income but just enjoy my new salary if I agree to the transfer unless I turn down the promotion. But who the heck turns down a promotion especially for me because I've never been promoted at work before despite working for like 9 years? (oh, speaking of which coincidentally when I write this, I realize today is officially the fourth year of me being in this workplace).

I've got a good feeling that this will be my year as in I will be promoted. But it's just a feeling only because I took on a new job scope last year but how I perform in it only my boss can assess. Of course I made mistakes along the way but with the mistakes, I learn. Then now when they mention about the backdated pay, I suddenly think that maybe, they shouldn't promote me this year, haha. For someone who is always financially tight, that will work out to quite a lot for me, eh.

So let's see how it goes because it is not an immediate transfer. It's always like that like there is no such thing as free lunch...unless they hold a buffet at my workplace and I can takeaway the leftovers for dinner. But if they accept (oh please please), the new pay will be to my advantage. However I just need to work harder as this time they are tougher. If you get a D, you won't get any bonus at all...and yes I got a D before. Scary mary..but what to do, part and parcel of working life. They not only want efficient workers, they also want workers who think out of the box.

Sigh, looks like I have to step up on the game then and not just do work given to me.

Be a slaaaavveeeee....to work.

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