Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back from Hiatus

 Hi Hi,

I'm back from quite a long hiatus! Yah I've been sick in the middle of the month and got super busy at work ever since we got the news that the auditors were coming so we have to clear a lot of back end work! I can't do much of any other things except clearing these back end work. So when I got back, I'm too tired to even open up blogger and type away so I chose to spend my time watching clips of Days of Our Lives, playing the Sims Social and also taking long naps.

Oh, besides watching the popular soap drama DOOL, I've always been watching motivational videos and reading articles on them because I want to improve my life. I'm sick of being in debt due to my bad financial decisions and also how I have been spending my life. I don't want to merely exist but I want to live.

I believe that if you put your mind to it, not give up and stay focus, you can make your dreams come true. Plus have you heard of the saying

“Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

W. Clement Stone

It's not always about being the first or the wealthiest, it's about adding value to your life which is not always in monetary value. We shouldn't be jealous if one drives a ferrari while we drive a small car. If in God's grace that he gets to enjoy the financial benefits of his hard work, then it is his right to enjoy. God is fair. He may not bless everyone with that kind of wealth but he may bless us with things with far more value than the value of the ferrari such as experiencing the kindness of people, the joy of giving back to someone else who needs it more than us and the company of good friends and family.

At the end of the day, the value of the car is nothing if our life feels empty and non fulfilling.
I believe we should learn to fill the gaps in our lives with knowledge, love, kindness, contentment and spirituality. 

So yah, been doing a lot of thinking and also watching some dramas (apart from DOOL of course) that teach us that we shouldn't be too greedy in life and too calculative with money especially if it is going to benefit someone else who need it more than us. 

Speaking of dreams, I've always been trying to promote and think of new business ideas for my online shop. I'm still am trying my best to make some income from it apart from my monthly card sales although this month, I did make other sales such as the sales of personalijed notebooks.

Do drop by my facebook page and support me at mylittlecardshop

I went to a recent warehouse sales and honestly I don't think I would go another round because I don't want to be too greedy. I've already spent around $27 the last round and I want to fully make use of the stuffs that I spent my money on (which to me is a lot...after 60% to 70% off..imagine that) even though yeah just now I made one bad decision to buy yet two stacks of patterned papers in $10 total despite me telling myself that I shouldn't be spending on it anymore.

Talk about being greedy. All just because I was slightly disappointed I didn't get the set earlier on which contains stickers and I got excited too fast when she posted another set which isn't so fantastic but selling for half the price of the earlier set. That's all good....until, she asked if I wanted another set so I can get at a discounted price. So now, it's $10 in total :S from the original $3. Haiyah...I'm already counting every cent that I have, well..most of it...and now I have to put myself in a fix with this if you're thinking why do I get so uptight over a $10 worth of something.

Well that something apparently happens to be something I don't need as of now because I've already bought 30 patterned papers just about 2-3 weeks ago. I don't want to be as greedy as the people on this facebook group that I'm on who lavishes over almost every collection that comes out and you know how expensive this scrapbooking hobby is. Okay greedy seems like an extreme word describing them but it's like I see they keep buying stuffs and even spending in hundreds even. My take is that you can spend on your hobby but it's better to also spend time on your crafts rather than always hoarding the materials just because they're nice, pretty and on discount. Yes I speak for myself too..hrmph.

Lesson learnt.

Okay I will slowly be posting more stuffs soon and be back with regular programming :)

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