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Yes, the case of abandonment of blog. So much work to be done as we're rushing to meet the deadline before they cut off the usage of the system. Every day, a pile of work is waiting for me. I wanna be more carefree at work even though it kinda defeat the purpose of being at work..hehe.

Anyway, it also has to do with how I organize my life which in this case is very disorganized. I think I seriously need to reflect back on my life and see which areas I need to improve to make my life more productive. I have the resources but I don't have the energy to do them. I even sorta abandon my current love of crafting new cards and notebooks simply because I am not motivated at all but I find that I am slowly regaining back that motivation in me.

There are so many things that I want to say but I'll make it into several posts instead. But the first most important thing that I want to mention about is...this Wednesday is Bonus Day! Yes it's not a regular pay day but rather, Bonus Day or Extra Munneh Day..haha.

The best thing about is that this Bonus will be the most amount I have ever received throughout my working life. It's a completely new first digit which I humbly say that I'm proud of because I worked hard for it and managed to get an increment on top of changing my scheme which promises better pay..but uh, it also means that I need to put in more effort in order to sustain my performance grade.

So it's very exciting but the most non exciting part is planning my budget for it because yes, there are bills to pay and loans to return. Sigh. The perils of an adult life. But I learn that it's better to pay off slowly but surely if it's gonna ensure a freedom from debt in the long run. So true but so hard to do.

I guess I shouldn't procrastinate on this but I believe after deducting whatever I need to deduct including allowance to be given to my family which means my mum and my brother, I should still have a healthy balance. So healthy, it hurts!

Sorry, me being corny there.

Oh yes, the thing about this balance is that, I may need to use it to spend on something else and surprise, I actually sent in my application for a part time studies in a diploma offered by several polytechnics which is a form of higher learning institute recognized by the ministries and of which is a popular choice for students here who wish to continue their post secondary institution. This time round, under the collaboration with the Ministry of Education, they are offering several key courses that are work related for professional development with heavily subsidized fees at 70% off.

Of course with me being a single income earner for my family with my mum not working and my brother still pursuing his studies, I need to be careful with my spending and education is not cheap. However, I believe this is the most affordable for me even though with my current qualifications, I can actually go for an even better course than this. But spending on my education is still a big ticket expense for me. The problem is, I can't remain at what I am currently earning and I must somehow move on and earn more so I have to think long term. Nevermind the pinch now, when it's gonna reap more rewards and benefits in the future.

But on top of this, the best thing about pursuing these such courses, I actually will get the reimbursement from the Ministry I am working with which is good because at the end of it, I will end up not paying much in overall. The reimbursement is capped at $4500 I think but every end of the module, I can get a reimbursement of 60% which is really not a bad thing at all. Oh oh, if I successfully complete all 5 modules, I will get a cash award of $1000 which is a sweet SWEET deal. Imagine getting rewarded for your studies..ha!

So yah, I try to think of the benefits more than the money I have to fork out now from my bonus which mean less spending with my bonus. Then again I don't really spend much except maybe getting the usual such as clothes, shoes and bags...typical 'girl' stuffs and oh, some craft related stuffs. There's also dinner with friends, in this case, twice in the same month. While I have to be extra careful with my spending, it's ok because I guess the sacrifice will be worth it at the end of it all.

Okay, more updates later including a make up haul. It is indeed a haul coming from someone who is trying her best to cut down on make up expenses.

I make support me!


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