Monday, November 26, 2012

Get Movin'! Motivation to Exercise

So the second part of the weight loss help tips! I would say that the first time you tell yourself that you are going to lose the extra weight and have a healthy lifestyle, you are half way there already! NO KIDDING!

You must believe that you have the right to have the body that you want and the health that you want. By believing in your right, you will be more motivated to work towards the right to have the body and health that you want!

I guess everyone who is motivated to lose weight has this light bulb moment where they want to make this change. Every time you feel demotivated, you must stay focused by knowing WHY you are doing this in the first place. Is it because you want to be have energy because you are tired of feeling lethargic or you want to fit nicer looking clothes because you are tired of wearing frumpy clothing and people telling in your face 'no size! no size!' It hurts terribly for me when I see other friends having the freedom to choose the clothes while I'm stuck with nothing!

After you establish WHY you are doing this, the next step is to be focused on what you SHOULD do to go to there. Many of us hate exercise (I still do..heh..) but every time I walk into the gym, I feel re-energized after I see other people who don't look like they need to lose weight...doing it! Then while I'm on the treadmill or on the stepper, I tell myself that I am doing this because I want to look good and feel good about myself and yes sometimes I envision myself as being Beyonce..heh..or Kim Kardashian..because they're curvy and fit looking. I want to look more attractive and I want to look good as I get older and not even frumpier looking.

So it's all about keeping up with your motivation and doing it for the long term...yes, long term..which means that you have to do it as part of your lifestyle. The thing about exercising is that you have to find yourself a suitable exercise routine that incorporates cardiovascular exercise for weight loss and strength training through the use of weights and dumb bells to tone and develop muscles which in turn will help you to burn more fats. Don't get too worried about gaining muscle mass for a woman. Another problem with not using free weights in your exercise is that you will develop sagging skin as you lose the weight and you don't want to be slimmer yet have flabby looking skin right?

When I say suitable, I mean that it should cater to what helps you and motivates you to do the routine the next round and the next and so on. Of course initially it will be hard especially if you don't have this 'yay I LOOOOVE exercising' mentality but you just have to do it and keep at it by telling yourself why you are doing in the first place to keep the motivation going strong. 

Then of course some people prefer to run outdoor while some people prefer going to the gym. There are also other people who prefer exercising in the comfort of their own home or their own room. It's just a matter of finding a suitable exercise routine that will keep you motivated instead of slacking. Besides finding a suitable routine, find a suitable time to exercise and keep at it. There is no such thing as not being able to exercise because you simply have NO TIME. Hunny, you do have just have to make time for it. Take a look at your daily schedule and then plan which pocket of time you are willing to spend on exercising. Believe me, you will find that pocket of time. Even sparing 30 to 45 minute 3 to 4 times a week is suffice. 

To get you even more motivated to have a healthier lifestyle especially if you're Asian, do take some time to watch this recent video from one of the local beauty bloggers who offer very useful tips regarding making wise food choices from her experience. As Asians, our food choices mainly consists of starchy carbohydrates like white rice. Then as Malays, we do have food choices like Mee Rebus, Lontong which are actually staples Malay food that can be found in many stalls. Learn how she tackles her lunch, 4 o'clock craving and dinner.

Normally I take one step further by not eating anymore after lunch which is basically a simple sandwich with plain water and whatever available snacks I have received at work or half a serving of rice with two veggies and eggs if I have to stay up late for work. Then I take note of what time I stop eating and then I will not consume anything else until dinner time.  If I get hungry, I will drink cold water and normally I stop being hungry for like half an hour and then drink more water if I get hungry again. It's a bit drastic but to be honest, it doesn't always work for me this way but I have to make it into a habit of not snacking because I have such a sweet tooth which means chocolate coated biscuits or snacks..fooh! Luv them! However I realized that it is my downfall in making me put on weight the whole of last year and I don't want to make the same mistakes again so this year, I'm putting in extra efforts to not only burn the fats I have over the years but which I have put on as recently as last year.

Okay I should stop blabbering and let you watch the video in peace..haha.

Good luck!

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