Beauty Loot

I've been buying quite a lot of make up recently and believe me, yes I felt the guilt. And it's like no no no..should NOT buy..then end up buying. While you don't see me donning eye shadows on regular days and besides the usual bb cream, and at times blusher, I honestly only wear eye shadows when I'm out with friends which isn't always by the way. Plus I have yet to score a date so yes, I'm only limited to wearing them when with friends...haha. Even though, it's not ALL the outings. 

Oh well, I just love how the right application of make up can transform you into someone who is more beautiful and I've also mentioned before that make up does have that ability to give you that boost of confidence.  Plus how can you not lurve the array of colours, gloss, matt etc etc...

But my budget honestly isn't big when it comes to make up so I just have to be smarter when it comes to buying make up to cut corners here and there. At the same time, I am also trying to buy lesser from the local drugstores because honestly, their prices can be craaazy sometimes.

So enough talk, show you my loot from the last couple of months...

llamasqua liquid metal eye shadow cream bought from a blogsale for $10

Nice metallic cream

The body shop was a gift. The Maybelline mystery pouch which I seriously groped a few of them.

I got all these for just $19.90! Plus the groping paid off! I got the Jelly Glow!

The Jelly Glow...*love* I love blushes..this one felt like er..jelly

Jelly Glow up close

$8.00 from the Loreal Sales at Expo. Buy 2 for $15.00! But I bought one only.

Permanent Kaki. Er, forgive the blur quality.

I love this range of Loreal infallible eyeshadows

I got this Loreal voluminous mascara from a blog shop for only $13.00!

See what I meant when I said I tried to cut costs when buying make up? :) But of course, this doesn't give you the right to keep buying..LOL. Just basically buy what you will defo wear and not because the colours are so pretty or everyone else is getting it and do keep a cap or limit on the number of items. 

I make support me!


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