Sunday, October 07, 2012

Awakened Shopping Spirit and a...Certain Website

After a long period of dry spell, the shopping spirit in me wakes up and I've been buying quite a number of things lately namely makeup, clothes, shoes and bags. Shoes, I've bought from a previous Johor trip and so far, I've worn one pair. Knowing me, I aimed for the sandals first because my current one is beyond recognition.

As much as I thought that I've bought quite a number, let's say they don't add up to be that much. Later I will be doing a pictorial blog post on the things I've bought and also the crazy experience I went through with the much anticipated Charles and Keith warehouse sales.

Anyway, I'm officially done with shopping until December because that is when the bonus crunch will come in and so within these next two months, I will concentrate on saving, paying off my bills and debts and also trying to earn money by concentrating on my online shop. But I won't say it is an end all shopping pursuit because sometimes when there is a good bargain, I can't simply give it up, right? Let's just say it is a case by case basis.

By the way, I did something not in character of me because I feel that well, I need to make new guy friends. But I've been slightly influenced by this article I've read about online dating and while I cringe at the term 'online dating', I want to see it at from another point of view which is to make at least one or two guy friends but with no strings attached. No, I don't mean of course flirting and dating followed by dumping him later. I wanna say that I'm torn with that decision (the making friends part..not the dating part) because I don't want to lead on them thinking that I want to be more than friends because really, I just prefer making friendships that is all. Let's see...most likely I will have to....delete my profile :S because the government (yes, this dating website is from the gahmen) is encouraging single people like me to mingle with other single people so that we can pro create to increase the dwindling population so as to boost the economy. Phewh.

But on the other hand, I would say it is a win win situation because let's face it, some of us have no interest in pursuing a love life because things in Singapore are getting very expensive and to have a family, you really need to, not only be mentally prepared, but also financially prepared too. While 'love conquers it all', or as long as we love each other, I feel that it is not enough. If you love him or her, you should aim to be prepared for the future because honestly it really isn't easy to live in Singapore if you don't have either a successful business or a full time job that pays at least the minimum wage.

That is also the reason why the Muslim bodies in Singapore nowadays are encouraging Muslim housewives to take up a job that offer flexible working hours so that they can contribute to the family income. These housewives are mostly tied down with taking care of family needs and their children's needs but things are getting more expensive here so the best thing to do is to earn some more income to supplement the breadwinner's income which is mostly coming from the husband side.

I mean you don't have to aim to be rich so that you don't have to so called suffer but really, the point is to earn enough to support the family so there's a difference.

So who says love relationships are easy and hence why, single people like me don't mind our status but like any other girl, it will be nice if at least one guy, not asking for much, could shower us with undivided attention. But for me, it will be...'can't I have at least one nice guy friend to hang out with?' I'm seriously lacking in guy friends and I don't know if this is a curse or something..hrm.

But yah, this social website, knowing their main agenda, I dunno....probably I signed up the wrong website. While it's easier to say that well, I should go in with an open mentality because not all chatting buddies here will end up being part of my love life. Still on the fence with it...see how it goes.

I make support me!

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