Monday, October 08, 2012

Shopping Warzone & Other Shopping Goodies

I entered  a war zone when I went to a Charles & Keith warehouse sales last Friday evening and while the crowd wasn't so bad initially but the longer I was there, the worse the crowd was becoming to a point of being jostled around and having little standing and walking space. To think that I wasn't even feeling very well and yet somehow, I made it there. Go figure.

I mean, come on, it's a sales that I've been waiting for and the last time I was there, I didn't get any bags so I hope to get one as the current bag I have from them have started to peel though I really do like the bag. Sad but true story..haha.

Anyway, the most amusing part was when the new trolleys of new unopened bags came in and the crowd went wild. Everyone started to gather around the bags area and the sales assistants were flinging bags and the crowd were stretching out their arms hoping to 'bag' the deal..get it? Heh. I didn't get any coz I didn't really stretch out my arms in sheer determination. Plus the bags were all wrapped up and I can't really see and I believe they all did that hoping they would grab a nice looking bag.

For me, the most bummer and most annoying moments were not that actually. I found the most annoying was, whenever I spotted a good bag placed by the sales assistants or by other shoppers who decided they didn't want them, somebody else spotted them, asked the price and immediately grabbed them. And at times, I saw it first but my hand didn't grab fast enough. So sad.

Oh well. In the first place, I'm not a seasoned shopper but at the end of my ordeal..heh, I did manage to get a bag. Remember when I mentioning about the bags being thrown into the frenzy crowd, one of them made its way to the long table which I spotted and believed that they didn't want it. I thought it looked good, doesn't have gawdy details and roomy enough to put my stuffs and I dunno, to me it's still quite pricey but I don't know the original price. Knowing their curent prices, this could be 50 plus?

It costs me $39.90 and I'm like..yikes...because I hate spending that amount on a bag if it's not during any bonus period. But oklah, think of it as an investment, like as if I need another bag, and also it's from a warehouse sales. Plus I guess the cheaper ones like those $36.90 and below have been snapped up earlier so can't complain much. At least I didn't get the $43.90 range.

Oh, that aside, there was other sales going on in the mall and somehow I go to this mall almost every day and never really care about things on sales but my other friend does. She's quite a shopaholic but she's also one to spot nice buys and good deals..well, most of the time, nice buys.

I wouldn't even think of stepping into the clothing store even though I saw the sales sign many times and eventually, we shared an item each from a buy 2 for $10.

The orange top is from Cotton On and bummer it's in medium size but oh well, it still fits though a wee bit snuggly. However I think the L will be slightly loose like a similar one I have in blue. I really like the pink top with a sash to be tied as a ribbon behind. I got it for $5 while my friend got another top in orange which is nice as well. We share the price because we're financially tight.

Anyway, in terms of make up, I came across this blog and she writes professionally for beauty products and she had a blog sales. I thought that I'm so not gonna miss this blog sales like I did the other time and some of them items have the prices slashed so low even for items that are brand new. Mine wasn't but ok I guess as long as I don't break out from it.

I got myself a Sleek pomegranate blush..yay finally! At half the price, no less!


You can see the review here and after reading this review, I'm like so wow'ed by the lip colours. Maybe I can try to buy them through a spree.

I also got other beauty stuffs...

I finally got the falsies mascara from Maybelline!!!! I was trying to get it below the price of $20.90 coz I thought I'm not going to pay that kinda price for a drugstore mascara. But eventually I went to the NTUC hypermarket and there was a deal for it for $18.80. Wow. Almost $2 off! My mascaras have all dried up and I'm left with one workable one so I'm like alright, justified to get one. The other stuffs is a cheap face powder and the middle face product is actually the Himalaya facial scrub which I use about 4 times in a week.

This is a closer look of the facial scrub. I got it at a discounted price of er...$6 plus I guess. Oh btw if you wanna try this out, there is a smaller tube but not so small it's pathetic, selling at $2 at Guardian Pharmacy. Perhaps you want to try it out and see the difference :)

I find that it is essential to have a good facial scrub and if you have sensitive skin, can get one with a gentle scrub. So far, this is good for me and I have sensitive skin. At any age, it's good to take care of your skin and in particular, your face because normally people will look at you straight and judge your age from your face.

I probably won't be doing another so called haul post like this one because I won't be shopping for awhile. This is one of those rare moments where I buy several things within a short period of time and that is only when I have the extra moolah. Other times, it will be just enough for survival and to sustain the family unless of course it's some one off cheap or discounted buys which is often the case.

To me, no matter how tight up you are, you should be able to still make yourself happy with small little purchases provided you have enough money for other more important stuffs. Or you can do it like me, buy only when there's sales but even then, make sure that you don't buy too many or it will defeat the purpose. Happy shopping!

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