Singlehood: Not Good Enough For You

At last, after more than one and a half year...they're finally together! But then, this being a soap drama, there will be MORE drama later..ha!

Anyway, you thought that this title refers to me eh? ha..not really.

I may be wrong but I guess no matter how much confidence someone may exude, there is always this glimmer of thought that hey, we're not good enough. It sorta impacts me at times because when I read stuffs about couples or get to know them through video posts or what and then I feel, well I'm not as good as her. She may not be the slimmest person around but she has such a great sense of humour and personality. There are so many qualities that are attractive about her and I'm just not as good as her. Hence, my often silly thoughts that I'm not good enough for anyone and the fact that I don't seem to attract any guys is a clear indication that I'm...just not good enough.

But then I thought again that some things take time to happen. Perhaps I'm like a diamond in the rough and the fact that I know I'm special and a unique individual just like you or anyone else makes me feel that well, I will clearly shine like a true diamond some day to someone out there.

So to me, it's best I absorb and see what I can learn from the good example of girls who are very self assured about themselves and the qualities that make them good enough for any guys. For me, I guess I have to learn to be more sociable and be more open to making friends.

I've got someone in mind as a very clear role model and while she's a swinging single like me, it's never because she's not good enough. She just doesn't care..haha. But I bet when she starts looking around, there will be a lot of interested parties. Her support towards her friends is very strong, she's so funny too (and lame..) and she doesn't judge you. While other people may be nice but behind someone's back, they can be pretty nasty, and yet she's just an all round good person.

I know I can never be as good as her but the very least I want to be, in my own ability, as best as I can be towards myself, friends, colleagues and family. I want to to be the someone who people like because of who I am and not be judged to be someone who is not good enough for them. I may not be everyone's dream girl or type and if people judge me from my face value or body type and they think that heck, I'm not good enough for them, that is their own opinion to keep. Infact, if that is solely how they judge people, then I feel sorry for them, not towards myself.

So I believe that there is the right time and place for everything and that some things just take awhile before any actions take place, also known as, my empty love life..haha. It doesn't really matter to me. I tend to see the bigger picture and I still have a long way to go in making myself a better person. It's a constant learning experience but I believe it is an enriching experience as well. While it's just human nature that I do have the tendencies to feel that I'm just simply not good enough, based on experience, with time and practice, things can get better and there is no way we can just tell ourselves that we're not good enough for this or that person. Learn to love ourselves, be proud of ourselves, be kind hearted, sincere, smart, humble and being an overall nice person. Who knows, other people or guys will think that hey, they're not good enough for us because we're the real deal :)

I make support me!


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