Monday, October 01, 2012

Quick Getaway to Johor Bahru

 I may have mentioned this a few times but..I suck at shopping..LOL. No seriously, I do. I just am not so updated about fashion (make up is a different story) so I don't really know how to dress myself up. People see clothes in store and they get inspired. I see clothes, I see them as dubious and then I see the price tag, I'm like okay.....what else is there. I guess I should change a bit. I do like though, simple cutting of blouses and basic shirts that are casual. Did I mention I suck at fashion?

Oh, these are some of the pics taken by my two friends when we did a quick getaway. I believe the highlight for me is of course the food (we ate at Nandos which is not halal here by the way) and F.O.S or factory outlet store. For someone who lives on basic shirts, it's good for me..ha! I would say Cotton On over there is overpriced though in comparison to Sing dollars. So I browsed through and I fancied some of them but their price tag set me back and I thought that it would be way cheaper for me to get them from Singapore and so I cheated and I really got them from here when I reached back.

You would probably cry afoul when you see how little I bought

My loot from the local Cotton On

I got these plus a pink polo shirt for my bro and some food for the fam..btw, check out the caption!

I didn't bring much MYR and what I've got is basically bought with the MYR I received as a birthday gift. I added some money for food though and my friend was also kind enough to loan me some of her MYR because I thought I may not have enough. Actually now that I know how to get there, I may go there on my own to the FOS. Still feeling a twinge of regret though for not getting the skirt..haha. Oh well, maybe after work later I may check out Marine Parade. Try my luck there. Maybe only because knowing me, I probably need the money to pay for stuffs and not to buy more clothes though.

Okay! So here's the pics of us ( I didn't have a camera plus my friends prefer me not taking pictures with my year, aim to change the model!)

I make support me!

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