The Jeans Diet

Brand new month and er..brand new diet plans! Haha..

I've got now exactly 3 months to reach my target weight and I believe that I can get there eventually...slowly but surely.

Why I titled this post as The Jeans Diet is basically because I've got this pair of jeans which I'm desperate to be able to fit in again as the last time I could wear it without suffocating myself in the bottom half was in 2010 and then in 2011, things started to get downhill for me. Everything doesn't seem right for me which is also a contribution to my weight gain as I start to lose focus. But I believe I can get it straighten out and I've been seeing some progress. A long way to go still but we're getting there. I'm getting there.

So this morning I tried to wear the pair of jeans and though I still struggle, I somehow managed to zip and button up. Just slightly more than a month ago, I couldn't even get the zip up. So I believe by the end of this month, not only do I get to accomplish those two things successfully with just a slight hitch, I will still be able to walk and breathe normally. My aim. Actually I have a lot of aim. I aim to have the body like J Lo, Kim Kardashian or Beyonce but well, I think I just wanna be a bit slender so that clothes will look better on me and I feel comfortable in them :) No need to have a va va voom body.

I went to the gym just now, which trust me, prior to that I was struggling a heck lot mentally because I didn't have the right shirt and I felt soooo fat in the current one. But I got that sorted out soon by wearing one of the shirts I bought yesterday and I felt comfy in it though at first yes, I still feel fat but whatever, the point is to go there and exercise and not to attract attention right?

While working out, I tried to stay focus and also think about how am I gonna aim to lose a certain amount of weight each month. I started strategising and I realize that while I guess I've been good so far last week, it could have been better. I also tried to focus on my exercise just now and though I've always been focusing especially on the treadmill because I often fear I would slide off, I believe that with grit and determination, plus constant efforts, I can see some results. I hope by October 31st.
Let's see how it goes and I will report base here.

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