Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Isn't Always Unfair

When I hear people ranting or airing their disapproval, I'm like okay you've got a point here and there but it irks me when they don't know how it's like to be in that situation and yet they wag their disapproving finger and be so condemning. And yet we live in a world where our minds are more open than a few decades ago thanks to our online presence which connects people all around the world.

It always baffle me how a blogger can be so popular when all I see on their blog posts are mainly advertorials and camwhoring till no end. But you know, if that's how they make their moolah and lead a jetsetting lifestyle, well good for them. If they want to be mean and play all childish by accusing their critics as people who lead boring lives just coz they don't get sponsorship deals and flying perks, go ahead. Popularity can only get you so far if you keep dissing people. Five or ten years down the road, people won't even remember you. For these critics, I suggest you step away from that line and just concentrate on fulfilling your own life. No point getting worked up over these people. Let them enjoy their fame and popularity. It's their shining moment, even if they get there by spewing vulgarities and showing off what little itsy bitsy attires they have.

I suggest reading blogs that show you that life isn't just all cotton candy and how the difficulties in life simply mean that they just have to trudge on and make good with what they have while hoping that things will get better along the way. My heart drops a notch when I see or hear about people struggling coz perhaps life isn't exactly a bed of roses for them. To me, they make me value my life more and knowing that some things are just not necessary in my life such as owning an elusive blackberry. While I can't deny the perks of getting myself a blackberry or an iphone, like every other human being on this planet, in the long run I think about whether the cost of owning one will sink me deeper than I already have in terms of what little I have left after I minus off the necessary bills from my salary. I'm quite happy paying about $40 a month to my telco provider. Although I sheepishly have a data mobile plan but which I hardly use, coz I happen to have a smartphone, I think I'm quite happy with the level of smartness of my current phone..haha. I don't want to be a slave to technology and on top of that, paying extra for it too :S 

I'm still keen on owning another phone though this year when my contract expires and I can renew without paying an additional $100. While I have waited for more than two years to own a blackberry, with the kind of financial circumstances I am in, I have to take a raincheck. It's just not practical for me. I basically need a phone for contacts, messaging, radio and the very reason why I decide to change, is to own a phone with at least a 5 megapixel camera. I know I can easily just buy a digital camera which offers me much more than that but maybe not now. I'm just the type who likes to take photos with my handphone and I don't need a full blown effect of a good digital camera for my pictures. Just as long as it's not so grainy and clear enough, I will be happy to snap and then do a photo montage of it online. 

Oh, and I do have friends who take photos with their digital cameras and post them on facebook so it's easily available for me too when they tag me. Yah I know, so cheapskate of me..haha.

So people, live well. Stay away from those people who zap the mental energy out of you and jealousy won't get you anywhere. I say, if they want to live their lives that way, let them. Don't be so easily condemning. Come on, life is too short to be so hateful towards others just coz we don't eat as lavish as them, we don't even get to fly every now and then, so even if they go about showing off this current lifestyle of theirs, just be happy for them. Of course it does irk me if their status updates are mostly of the good things that they enjoy in their lives and even worse, they even 'like' their own status just like what the Chinese people would say, so very 'haolian' or show off. I mean it's natural to be jealous of them coz seriously, I'm stuck with eating my mum's home cooked fried rice which she takes time and effort to do using vegetable puree so that we are healthy. But that's the thing. While I may not eat as lavishly as them with the kinds of food that they buy from the food outlets, at least I'm eating healthier stuffs. 

Therefore, what I have been doing the past few days is unfollowing some people on twitter and no longer reading their blogs coz to me, it's simply a waste of time like as if I'm not wasting my own time already. I'm happy that the newspaper today featured some blogs written by people who are coping with their illness or that of their families and how writing is a form of coping with the illness. Though they may not be totally cured, they are so positive in life because they know that to be depressed won't get them anywhere. In fact, it can make them feeling worse off.

For me, I don't wish for my blog to be popular. I'm happy with the viewership count that I have right now of which most of the time is less than 10 and I think they are here not because they want to read my blog but they were referred wrongly here..haha. But if they chose to continue reading my blog after this, then good for them. I'm just a struggling twenty something woman who has difficulties coping with life and this is one way of me to just write what I am feeling and also provide some posts that may help other struggling young women. That is my aim. Not to criticize others, not to show off, but simply provide a new insight on how we can cope with the demands of life and that life is not always unfair.

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