Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Karma and Bad Karma

I've gotta be honest. If there's one thing that I have been doing for the last twenty days is this: slacking. Look, after more than two months of a rather relaxing time in the office coz there were not many students and teachers around and then now back into high gear with interruptions every now and then, how could I not be tired when I reach home?  

I have totally neglected  my skincare and my nutrition plan is not on par with what I have planned. But I know myself way too much. I know this is just temporary phase of 'yay, I'm going to jumpstart my life this year' and then I totally went downhill..haha. But this year, I want to be more determined to make time for many things in my life and especially in loving myself though I still aim to lose some weight before I reach 30. Well, talk about starting on the right foot into my thirties, eh? hehe..

Hope to get my life into the right track. 

Anyway, I'm kinda peeved at some people sometimes at how horribly rude they can be and then worse, in front of their children. They're practically like straight from horror movies with their strong use of words and using them against people to make them crumble and listen to their command. There are also people who are sarcastic or harsh in their tone even though you simply ask them an innocent question. I guess people are becoming more and more materialistic and even though they argue they have the right in obtaining their material gains, I guess in their pursuit, they left their heart somewhere on their floor.

But nevertheless, in case you think that I'm just so bothered by such rudeness and uncalled for human behaviour, I am still glad that kindhearted people still exist. There are also those people who have the money and status, but they are still humble and filled with generosity especially towards those that are not so well off. Unfortunately, there are not many of them actually. 

I believe good karma will go to those people with a heart of kindness and a heart of gold. While those that are more interested in changing the world to suit them will eventually find themselves in the losing end when their head is becoming too big for people to be around them. 

Maybe it's the culture of the people in Singapore. Come on people, wake up. How long do you think you can last showing your bossy attitude around? It's not doing yourself or anyone else around any good.

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