Thursday, January 27, 2011

All in A Day's Work

It's funny how people get all flustered when people talk about them like speculating how they may have a crush on someone and they felt hey, these people have no business with me whatsoever so why don't they just shut their gap. But then when they talk about some other people's business like oh, you two should be together, and how's the progress, why don't you see her as someone special, blah blah's like they have every right to do so.

Reality check. If you can talk about others in that manner and in their face like be some frigging matchmaker, why are you being so defensive when others talk about you especially when you air them in facebook? Doesn't make sense to me. If you don't want people to be nosey in your affair, stop airing them over in cyberspace and also don't be that nosey bugger as well coz you obviously hate it when people do that to you.

Oh well.

Anyway, I was just thinking to myself that at times, while I'm usually mild mannered and easy going, I do have my 'moments' when I get rather frustrated and most of the times, I try not to get this sense of negative feelings overtake me. Such frustrations will usually come about when I get pretty annoyed or overwhelmed especially when I have work to finish and I get disturbed for irrelevant things every now and then but at the end of it, I will just think to myself, I will just get it done and over with. Why read too much into it? Just do the freaking thing and let it be gone. 

Some things that get me frustrated is when some children conveniently forget their things and their parents or caretakers will come to the office and asked to page for their darling children for their stuffs. Though I dislike paging for such irrelevant stuffs, I don't want to make it as a mood spoiler and I just page the class for it. Then I think about how embarrassing it can be for that boy to be paged like that for the whole class to know and also for the teacher that he forgot to bring his pencil box or his book. So be it. Lesson learnt, I guess?

Of course, there is this sense of ungratefulness and being taken advantage of but whatever, as long as it doesn't get in my way for too long.

I was flustered over the numerous calls by the nurses who are currently conducting a health check in my school until early next month. I mean I tried to be as accommodating as I can but it bothered me after a while coz I was thinking that hey, why they still called even though we had already given them the updated class lists for them to check against their database. And then it was not easy for me to find out if the boy has transferred out or is currently overseas following their parents on their overseas posting. I was also puzzled like if there was a need for them to find out in detail for that when all they had to do is to just update like throw out the names if they are not on the class list. They are not here as in not in school as in this year and why they still kept their names coz they're overseas, now that got me thinking and questioning. I know how it works coz I used to work for the same company and then when she kept calling to check and also for different classes, I got frustrated.

But then I thought, whatever. I just check the class lists in the office, which is practically the same thing they are holding, and say oh, they're transferred out like some kind of generic answer. Next year, they will download new data from the MOE, and they will still be checking by adding new names or throwing out names not found so it doesn't make any diff. Saves me time too rather than go in and check the names, list after list in the database, as I have other things to do as well instead of taking care of their inefficiency.

Still, something good comes out of it. My boss, sensing my frustration when I was complaining, as it's always a 'big' issue whenever I complain or make noise as I hardly do so..haha, came out from her cubicle and she taught me an easier way to find out the details in the fileserver which does not require me to go through the freaking not-in-order MOE database.

So problem solved there and I'm pretty much ready when they bombard me with more names tomorrow onwards. Look, I know they are just doing their job but I just think it will be easier for them to give me a list instead of throwing names every now and then and expect me to find out where the hell are these students especially when they really don't need to know.  But then again, I also forgot how the nurses are when I was working in the same company. They're really not easy to reason with especially the older ones.

Anyway, I promise to not be easily flustered like my other male colleague who is currently handling some new things coz of an introduction of a new programme and he's been put in charge to prepare the relevant documents for these trainers. So he gets angry quite easily and even gets into a shouting match when people asked for his help and he starts to shout when they are rather impatient as if we do nothing but sit down there and serve them.

I understand that he can be busy but so are we and we try to work as a team and not like oh, this is your job. At least he doesn't answer phone calls like me and I answer them most of the time as of course, I'm the one with the least and most unimportant job scope. We don't start to shout in frustration as if we want people to know that they are disturbing us. We are still in the service line. We are not like those high flyers who don't need to serve people but rather, people attend to their requests instead.

That is also what I try to think myself of. I get paid because of these people. I don't want to be out of job coz I can't handle these people. If I don't want to serve people, then perhaps this is not my line.

It's all in a day's work I guess. You know, sometimes I feel like I can't really last long here and not because I can't stand these annoying people but just because I think I will come to a stage where I can't handle the workload. The way I see them work, I feel like I'm not up to their level. It's not coz I think so low of myself but I know how I am. I just am not as workaholic and work smart as them. I basically work to earn money and also to pass time. I am a born slacker and I don't like to work as it's such a chore. 

Only time will tell if there's a need for me to move on.

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