Survived a Financial Management Course!

Are you one of those number crunchers who understand accounting terminology and can easily see an account and know what is amiss as in why the heck the whole damn thing won't balance?

Honestly, I am not. I will never be. So am I one of those who read voraciously and have a wide vocabulary? And that I can write a well thought out article. I mean since Maths is not my forte.

Nope, not me either.

I am one of those whom you can say is an in betweener, if there's such a word. Anyway, I can honestly tell you I'm not that smart enough to elicit questions every now and then when the trainer was conducting the training or during seminar when it comes to the faq part, to post questions. 

But I am not one of those who ask questions for the sake of asking questions or without prior understanding. In other words, just shoot the questions to the point of making other people think like oh, didn't they explain that earlier? Just goes to show you were not listening and you were busy coming up with questions in your head. Yes yes, you are smart. No need to advertise.

Perhaps one of the things that I would say I'm quite okay is that I'm pretty tech savvy so systems whatsoever don't quite baffle me. It will at first but I will somehow work my way around and not get too lost. I guess you can say this is my strength. I used to struggle but in the line of work, need to just suck it up, learn from your mistakes and do it well. 

I think for the work newbies, nevermind if you think that your colleagues are better than you whatsoever. You will find your strengths, work on them, learn from your mistakes and don't be afraid to bring up suggestions which you think will benefit the company.

If you are wondering what I do in my line of work, well previously I didn't do that much but now I'm doing the accounts which is the bulk of my work. It is tolerable though not so much but in general, if I have the option, I would rather be a professional bummer, hahaha. I just don't have the work smarts like the majority of people. Too bad I wasn't born in a royalty family.

So I had been attending a financial course for the last 3 days and my brain is so fried, that I am on leave from work today. Okay not really. I am on leave because my brother was supposed to be going for a medical appointment but he refused to go because he had to go for a fitness test. And he is already on follow up for his asthma, he doesn't need one more follow up.

I can't force him. You can't force things with a 16 year old teenager :S but whatever it is, at least my pocket is save, haha.

Oh, sidetracking there a bit. So yah, after this course I figured that I just don't have the work smarts but luckily for the next two days after the theory heavy Monday, we moved on to the hands on session with the system and I could go through without a hitch. Well only initially because I didn't know the user id was pasted on the keyboard, haha. I just missed that one single instruction from them. That's all, I swear!

So now I am a survivor of the course! yay!

Until I return to work and then have to put them into practice : /

I learnt a lot of things and uhm, some mistakes which I have been doing. I had been following on instructions based on my predecessor who had left for greener pastures and better pay.

So anyway, yay I'm off work today! Will be blogging more later on today :)

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