Busy As A Bee

Busy busy busy. That is practically me for the week at work. I finished work quite late & then even had to wake up earlier a few hours before to do some work and right after typing this out, will sleep and then wake up earlier again.

Anyway I hope to get into regular programming next week after such a frenzy. Luckily, I've got additional help with the new officer who helped me to make some of the calls and to maintain the database.

But that aside, in my personal life, things are relatively better. Finally, they reimbursed the money to me despite me trying my luck and frantically praying every day hoping to get the money. It couldn't have come at a better time when money was running so low already and I was in a state of panic because my pay day is still far ahead.

I've made a promise to myself that I will take very good care of this 'windfall' until my bonus next month. I've also promised not to get myself into unnecessary worry though I felt that it was a desperate case. Oh yeah, I told myself too that make up purchases are NOT allowed with this money as well. This is a difficult position for me actually as I was browsing through and they all looked so pretty. Guess I have to wait to buy them with my salary.

So far I have used the money to pay some outstanding bills due for some time already. I have also paid back the money to one person. I bought dinner for my family including Domino's pizza which my brother wanted for the longest time. Later after work, I will be withdrawing some to be used within budget until my pay day next week.

Despite my busy schedule, I will be having an extended hols due to the public hol on Monday. Yay, can't wait! I deserve a break!

So that is my latest update. Will be blogging some neat stuffs relating to lifestyle like health & beauty over the weekend.

Whatever it is, I am thankful to God for the wonderful opportunities at work and also the big financial help. It couldn't have come at a better time. My aunt who had borrowed money dropped the bombshell that she could only return next month instead of this month. I just knew she couldn't return because of the situation that she is in now regarding her house so I was so pleased they reimbursed me.

Alright now, will be sleeping and waking up early again to do work. See ya then.
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