Looking Forward to Two Upcoming Events

Have you heard the latest news that make up can cause cancer? The horror! And though I don't often wear make up, I don't deny that I have the tendency to buy make up like some sort of collection. However I don't actually buy the expensive ones like mac simply coz I can't afford it. Can you imagine if I can?

Anyway, no cause to panic yet coz it's still in the preliminary research but whatever it is, I've mentioned before a few times that make up contains chemicals, whether you like it or not even if the colours are so pretty and intense. You should have more emphasis on skincare. When you have a good skincare routine, your skin will look flawless and even if it can't reach a porcelain standard, the least it should be is that it is almost blemish free and has as few wrinkles and sun spots as possible. Why? Because aging skin can make you look older even if you are still young like for example in your twenties or your early thirties.

So yes once again, don't fret. Just go easy with the make up :)

On to more important stuffs, ha! I actually started a new blog which I will let you know in time to come. I would say it is less personal but with me, I tend to ramble so I guess it will be pretty much the same ol' same ol' mumbo jumbo, haha. But it will never be as personal as this one so I won't actually abandon ship.

So today is the last day of November and we are officially going to be at the tail end of 2011. How have your year been? I can honestly tell you, mine's horrible. But I managed to slightly turn it around a bit and hope it will remain as such because I don't want to end the year on a sour note. Somehow, maybe it is written in my stars that my luck isn't as good this year and I keep falling and falling into terrible dilemmas. But I just take it as a stepping stone into making a positive turn in my life and just learning from experience and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

I am still blessed that in the midst of such dilemmas, people are willing to extend a helping hand and they have helped me a lot. Sometimes, as much as you try to be careful, if life is to throw you a boomerang, somehow you will get hit whether you like it or not. You just have to learn to take a hit, get up and get moving again.

It's not easy but I am a mere mortal.

Currently I am so looking forward to two upcoming occasions. One of them is a new year's eve meet up with my two besties, on when else, but new year's eve itself. I called up a restaurant for our buffet dinner coz you have no idea how much I love buffet and it must be like a once in a year kind of event like karaoke. Then first week of Jan, me and the girls will head to...KL, Malaysia, for a shopping spree and this time, it will be a 3 day affair instead of the 2 day affair when we went there in 2009. Why? Because my friend said that it will be very rushing for us. Me? I am looking forward to the hotel stay only because gosh, it's going to be so nice to be staying in a five star hotel, which a friend of mine managed to book a room with corporate rates under her company's name. Splendid!

Honestly, I am not big on shopping but I do pray and hope that I get to visit the Inglot store..it will be like a little make up haven for me, squee! If not, I'm just contented to bring back some new clothes and also a bag at least. A high quality coach imitation bag? Hehe. I know it's not the real deal but honestly I cannot afford one and will never spend such an exorbitant amount on a bag. 

So for now, I'm just chilling and hope that prior to the D Day, aka bonus day, nothing gets in the way that requires money coz I have just enough to survive until that day. Shudders.

Any plans for the new year?

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