Learning Journey to the Arts Science Museum

 Just a week ago, I actually went to the Arts Science Museum which was part of the Marina Bay Sands for the titanic exhibition, with my other colleagues. It was a last minute decision. My boss signed up for it and forgotten and since I am always going on such learning journeys because one, I get to visit places where I normally don't go too especially those places where I have to pay, second, well I get to escape from the office and thirdly, it's paid for :D

Yes, I'm a freebo like that.

It was a guided tour with strictly no photography and it was educational as we got to see the real artifacts from the titanic which they found beneath thousands of feet underneath. Honestly I'm not really keen with museum visits despite the educational value but no harm, learning new things. Like did you know that people back then were treated with different classes and the treatment between the rich and the poor varied so greatly. I cannot imagine going an entire cruise journey with the loud humming sound coming from the engine as the cubicles were nearer to them than those who were rich. They also had to share the same small sized cubicle with three other people. Infact, the rich people or the first class people actually got to enjoy the most expensive forms of decorations and treatment, sorta like being treated like royalty.

It was really bad the way they distinguished between the rich and the poor. So sad that even now such disparities still exist in many countries where the rich are absolutely so freaking rich while the poor had to content with scavenging for food in the incinerator plants or live in filthy conditions. Such is the unfairness of the world.

Since pictures were generally not allowed, whatever pictures I have taken are just..those that can be taken? Haha..

As usual, enjoy!

The 'ship' in the sky..at Marina Bay Sands

At first I thought they built an actual replica inside the museum

As I was standing there taking the pic, we were actually standing inside the longest finger!

Video display that was breathe taking with its special effects..

A guide regarding the exhibition but for pri school teachers for their students

Ooh..each one of us was a real life character. Mine came onboard alone and died alone :(

All aboard!

Rest in peace Jane Carr

My ticket..without this ticket, I couldn't get out through the fare gate

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