Going On Hiatus

Hi there dear readers :) I will be on a short hiatus for a few days because this week I'm swarmed by work the minute I step into the office & just place my bag on the table. But my colleagues are there to lend a helping hand even without me asking them and seriously, I can't thank them enough.

I am expected to be so busy right up till Friday and while I try my best not to bring work home, I am pretty shagged by the time I reach home. I don't want to write half heartedly or for the sake of writing.

But yes I do have some things to talk about. At most, I will do some quickie posts just to update what is going in my life. In terms of money issues, I am relatively comfortable but you know, I don't want too comfortable & forget totally the hardship I went through to be able to feed my dear family.

I have received my elections allowance & it has been stashed in another savings account. Hopefully counting on fingers & toes, they don't run out before my next pay comes in.

At the moment, I try not to spend too much on myself which includes no buying of make up. But just now I was cajoled into buying this new gel eyeshadow which comes in a small pot. It was sorta like the popular mac's paint pot but cheaper from the drugstore brand Maybelline.

More on this plus other products in my next posts.

I will probably do consecutive blog posts so during my hiatus period, will do short drafts on what I can blog about.

Meanwhile, see you all around and do read my earlier posts. Thanks for your support :)
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