Rose Blush with A Hint of Gold Shimmers

I don't wear make up often but....I like to buy make up items provided they are affordable and are raved about by other people so that I don't waste money and that I don't feel like I'm buying rubbish. Money is so precious so sometimes you just want to buy an affordable one that is not a crappy product but makes you feel like a million dollars. Okay, I will be satisfied just being in the region of thousands.

Anyway, I am trying my best not to be obsessed so much with buying of make up because like I said, money is oh so precious to me. There will be times when I would be raking my brain on how to survive like another two more weeks prior to payday and then when payday comes, I will struggle again. In other words, I basically live from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Enough of my life story..haha. As if you don't already know. I still believe that every woman can be beautiful, not necessarily in the looks department. Make up is only meant to enhance one's natural beauty and not hiding it under layers and layers of make up.

I recently bought this Sleek blush (like as usual, do I really need one?) Well, I do when it is such a pretty colour (rose and hints of gold highlights) and then when I actually kiv it as in only buy it much later when pay comes in, the website drops a bombshell. They left one piece. The horror! So basically I just had to buy it and then after doing some mini calculations in my head, I decided that I can afford it. Actually it's just $12 but remember, I'm not that well off in the first place and this is not a necessity to get by in life. 

Yes very the philosophical there.

I managed to get it and then mere days later, I received an email and fb alert about a Sleek spree where someone will collect money and buy on our behalf and then we all will share the shipping costs which can be a killer when you buy internationally. On top of the shared shipping costs, depending on the buyer, you will also have to pay for the handling fees and mailing fees. It's cost saving but you really need to get a good reliable spree-er or you can do like me, don't buy in bulk and just get one or two items. 

Looksie! Looksie!


I wore it yesterday and I like it. It's pigmented and I just like the gold shimmer shimmer. To me, it's good for most skin tones but if you have fair skin tone, use it sparingly. In this case, less is usually more.

The funny thing was that after I got the last one (yay me!), on the comments page of the spree-er's blog post for the order, many ordered this same exact shade. Oops.

Anyway, Sleek blushes have always been compared to NARS which is so beyond my budget and honestly I won't spend so much on a blush. Ok I did once too when I bought an Anna Sui one few years ago which sadly, I lost it :((

For comparison between the two products, you can refer to this you tuber

If you ask me, NARS is a better product but ONLY if you can afford it. But then, remember make up is meant to enhance and if an affordable product basically gives you the coverage that makes you look and feel good, then it is good enough.

Currently there is a spree-er who is organizing a Sleek spree but you have to hurry as she is gonna close her batch soon.

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