Bonus Crunch

They have released the bonus rate that we will be getting as civil servants. Technically I am not a civil servant but I work for the gahmen (government in Singapore speak) so I will be getting that same bonus rate. Of course how much each one gets varies and yes there are people who are not happy with it. Happy or not, we are still getting that rate. 

I don't question these people who earn quite a lot (in comparison to me who earns peanuts) with just their basic pay so naturally they will be more opinionated regarding such dismal rate given our economy isn't doing very well this year. Those people around the same pathetic salary range as me would be happy as a lark. I predicted there won't be an 'extras' like some one off payment but seriously it is whatever for me. As long as I get my bonus and ok, sheepishly, as long as it goes by a certain targeted salary range, I'm happy. Heck, I am happy as long as there's additional moolah! Yes I get happy easily.

So rubbing my hand in glee, what can I get for myself? As a, you know, little reward. As usual make up. I am entertaining the thought of either a mac product or the Sleek oh-so-special palette. Look at this ah...

You can easily go from day to night look with versatile!

I know a local seller that is selling this palette at $22 (mailed) or through a local spree-er who will order from the sleek website directly on  her  buyers' behalf and then we all share the ex shipping charges. Well, only a beauty junkie or a beauty junkie ahem yours truly...will rave over such products while people like my other friend would think what is the big deal. Ok fine, all my other friends.

To me, everyone is entitled to like or go gaga over. Honestly I don't really like people to question things like 'why do you like such things?'. I understand they don't appreciate such things but I do know they appreciate other things like for instance, accessories or bags (whether in poor taste or otherwise) or even shoes. So be it. I like it and that's it. You don't have to question why I like them because to you, it is an absolute waste of time and money. I don't say you buying shoes after shoes (which look almost the same for every new pair bought) is a complete waste of time and money. So give me my own personal space of appreciation of such things. Don't have to diss me for it.

Sorry sidetracking that a bit because it can get frustrating after awhile..

For myself, I do think that some girls are going crazy practically over everything beauty junkies recommend or purchase but be selective especially when they are still very young and skin care to me, is still better than buying such product after product. My choice of make up products is very simple. I like versatility and affordability. Big name make up products don't really interest me though I must admit they can be really good. Or free, heh..

Okay apart from make up what can I buy? Hrm..can't think of anything else. Oh! New clothes! I did a wardrobe overhaul recently like clearing clothes that look rather worn out. So now I basically need new clothes and I've always wanted to buy stuffs from H&M apart from the usual Mango. I know the store is like overrated but whatever coz I can get some basic tops from there for work and for play so it is fine for me. And I also need a bag, not from Charles & Keith this time, but from Mango. But only during their sales period, hehe.

I am entertaining thoughts of getting a Guess bag. I've always wanted one :( but never got round to it. I decided that perhaps this year I will get (again during sales period only) so if I decided to get one, I won't buy shoes coz I had made a loot purchase during their recent warehouse sales. 

Then, I also need to buy a new mattress coz my mattress is so flat like a pancake. My mattress is the sort you see at a pasar malam or night market. The foldable type often with the cartoon caricatures and not the one from King Koil. I don't need a fancy shmancy mattress. Heck you give me a rundown sofa and I can easily fall asleep on it too.

Let me tell you that I can plan, but eventually I will buy rubbish items which I then don't use because I got them as I have money to spend. Whatever I have planned to buy, eventually I may have to shelf those plan (except for the mattress and the sleek make up palette) because I remembered this year I went through hell and back in regards to money issues.

I am just glad to have the money stored in my bank accounts and that I can afford to buy basic necessities for my family and treat my family out. Even if I don't get the Guess bag or the Mango bag, it doesn't matter. We all must have some emergency savings fund. Unexpected things happen whether we like it or not. Trust me, I've been through it this year a lot.

Then remember that there are people who slog their way through work and then companies don't give them any bonus. Unfair but it's the reality that some companies take their people for granted and are mostly profit driven for themselves only. Also, there are other people who are still looking for jobs or even do any odd job labour just to put food on the table.

So whatever bonus amount you get or the unhappiness you have over the bonus rate, always be thankful. Spend wisely and save some money. But you know, everyone's different. It's two more weeks from now. Yay me!

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