Life 101: Be an Empowered Woman

I sometimes think that I am not good enough and not pretty enough for guys especially to create some sort of interest but this is a very negative thing. It can make me an unhappy person who is unsatisfied about herself because I always feel that someone is better.

But we must be an empowered woman. We have to exude confidence without being cocky. We must be knowledgeable and know what is going on with the current events and trends. This is not to impress. It is to keep our minds active as well as to ensure that we are not left behind when we make conversations with people.

An empowered woman knows what she wants and go all out to achieve them but without hurting other people in the process by playing dirty and being mean. We have to be sincere in our hearts with genuine intentions so that people don't misunderstand us and we can generally get along well with people because they feel at ease talking to us without fear of being back stabbed or bad mouthed behind their backs.

While we may go and achieve our dreams, we must not forget who are our real friends are and the people who play key role in our lives by being kind and supportive towards us. In life, there are all kinds of people. Some have ill intentions, some may make use of others for personal gains and there will be others who only spit venoms and are just plain mean for no reason.

But always know that among such people, there are those who are kind hearted, generous and are generally an overall good person. Aim to be such people. Getting through life will be easier because people are more willing to help if we are sincere in our intentions.

An acquaintance recently mentioned that we should keep our options open in the singles market to get to know more guys. While I thought that it is easier for her to say because she is tall, slim and pretty unlike chubby and average looker me, that shouldn't be the case. There are many big sized girls who have found love in smaller sized guys who practically see these girls as more than being big sized. Keep loving yourself because it will show through and even give you this inner shine that cannot be replicated by the amount of make up that you use.

So if you have a guy in mind that you really like but always feel that you are not good enough, I suggest you put such thoughts aside. Even just now when I saw this guy and I find him rather sexy but seriously think that of course he will rather go for those chio girls or the prettier girls than plain old me.

But you will never know. While we don't know our fate for now or for the future, do know that we are capable enough to be an empowered woman and that we have the power to change our destiny.

So go on, chase your dreams. Write down your goals & inspirations and make step by step plans on achieving them. Along the line, things may change but always have some things for you to aim for achievement because it just makes life more meaningful with a clearer purpose.

Therefore, to my fellow plus size girls, don't underestimate what you've got in you. A guy may find you sexy and charming when you are heavily criticizing yourself.

So as for me, if I come across similar guys like the one who gave us a briefing just now for the course, I shouldn't think of it as forget it, will NEVER happen. See it as an opportunity to make new friends and who knows, along the way things may change for the better.

It is easier said than done for shy people like me, to be honest. But we habe to try somewhere to aim to be an empowered woman.

Let's embark on this empowerment journey if you haven't done so like me. Open a new chapter in life and start writing down your goals & inspirations.
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