Make Up Purchases and Winning Loot

I have purchased several items quite recently and I know I know I've said that I want to avoid buying make up but when I buy, I make sure they are worthy enough for me to even make a purchase but of course, I try to ensure I have enough money for necessities. Very important! What I do normally is to cut down my next purchase and to save up some loose change every now and then so that I can put them back into my bank account.

Well technically, I didn't buy all. I took part quite recently in an urban email contest which I never failed to do so every week (unless they are men's product or they only have a few up for grabs) and I just count on my lucky stars.

Then I actually won something..wahey! I won the Pantene shampoo product hampers and my goodness, they seriously dump their products on me. I don't have to uhm...worry about buying shampoo the next time? Unless of course they give me a serious case of itch.

Let's go on to the pics!

I've wanted this for so long! Most similar products like this don't give me a clear line but a faded one.

It creates a super thin line and is even perfect for klutz with shaky hands like me.

I bought this sparkley look blush by elf for only $7.

It is slightly smaller than my Sleek blush but then I am just paying $7 so can't complain.

I also bought a highlighter from elf for also $7.

Beauty bloggers raved about this and I got mine! This is SGD$12.50 and the colours are super pigmented. I got a shock too when I applied. Elf Comfort Zone make up palette

My winning stash! I told you they simply dumped them on me.

Imagine these set X 5.

Akin to Mac's paint pot? New from Maybelline. Selling for $16.50

Can use this as a base and then build up your eyeshadow colours for longer lasting staying power.

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