Love Changes Everything

Have you heard of the song Love Changes Everything? It's an old song but I kinda agree with the title. I believe it does and a majority of it is that love can change a person to be better, more tolerant and more loving.

I've watched many dramas and even movies where a character was so etched in his narrow minded viewpoint that it took love, patience and courage from someone else to change them. And the outcome is the start of a beautiful friendship or even relationship.

So would you change for love or would you rather stick to what you think is right despite them being wrong? To each its own I guess. What is important is that when loves come knocking, you should be more open minded and think about whether you want to be happy or you want to be stuck in your own land where you have this sorta gung ho attitude, but are a complete wreck and crave for some lovin'.

But love is not without its pitfalls. Some girls may prefer not being stuck in a relationship and would rather get to know more people and move around while some girls would wanna be with a guy who care and love them like no tomorrow. Whatever it is, as a young lady or a grown woman, the most important thing is that we must be capable of taking good care of ourselves. We should banish the mentality that we need guys to move on in life and that without guys, we are a complete wreck. While love can change a person, we mustn't be so clouded in or judgments that we simply forget to live our own lives instead of relying on the guy because in the future, nobody knows what is going to happen. One moment you can be happy and another moment you will be in such a deep pit not knowing how to get out and survive.

We must be able to walk with our head held high and knowing that while nice guys who cherish and love us can be such a great addition to our lives, we must know that no matter how nice a guy is, anything can happen. It's not black magic. It's just a fact that people can change for better or worse.

I watched a talk show and I believe it is true that while it is great that a guy can hold your hand, when he lets go, are you able to stay strong or you are just to crumble and fall? I understand that a woman's heart is fragile and we an emotional lot. It will simply wreck our heart when we find out that the one who we thought truly loved us, suddenly leave us and God forbid, for someone else. 

But believe me, just like everything else, things can get better if we only open ourselves to the possibilities for another chance at love. The end of one relationship doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

So it works both ways. While love can change everything, ultimately it is up to the person to make the decision. Whatever the decision made, let us be strong and move on in life if things don't come to a good end.

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