Monday, June 02, 2008

Walking Brinjal

wah finally finished reading a set of notes on some operation guidelines.

But that's not important (anything that requires reading at work is not important).

What is more important is that I am dressed like a freaking brinjal! I didnt realise the colour combo until the last minute when i was about to go and took one last look at the mirror and I am in purple...and green!!! GAH!! Well, I shall sit quietly behind my desk for the rest of the day and if I were to walk around the office a.k.a the loo, my manager's cubicle, the SHOULD be done promptly and walk quickly/run back to the table.

That aside, I wanna talk about my mum's erratic behaviour recently. I think I have talked about this before but I just think it's getting a little off the hand recently with her spewing vulgarities over the simplest thing. I did not get for her the peanut soybean pancake last Saturday and got her crab nuggets instead and she threw into a hissing fit. She practically was scolding and scolding till she was practically tearing from all the anger and accused me of being selfish and only think about myself and not her. Well she never have the habit of telling something properly and goes round the circle so whatever I can catch of what she said, I just take note of it.

But of course, there is such a thing called forgetfulness.

Okay fine, if she wants to reprimand me for not buying exactly what she wanted but she made such a big HUGE fuss over it like it's almost confrontational. Even my brother cant stand it and while I was at the doorstep eager to buy that damn pancake to stop her from spewing those vulgarities but she was like 'NO NEED TO BUY LA! YOU GO BUY YOU DONT COME BACK!!' but yet again she was so so so not over the matter and keep on harping on it that I was like 'you want me to buy or not?!' I just trying to save her from creating more sins.

Anyway, big shout out to my brother for his willingness to accompany me to go buy the pancake at about 8.30pm at night despite my mum's angry retort at him to not follow me. But he was like..'hrmph..I don care..I cant stand all the shouting'..and he went out quickly and put on his sandals and about to slam the door shut..haha.

I mean really...I have been putting up with her nonsense all these years but at times, it can get unbearable and I feel like screaming at her back in BIG BOLD WORDS but she's my know what I mean?

Well, today is Monday. Big fat yawn there. Normally I look forward to a brand new week but nowadays, it seems to be an emotional ride between 'one more week to payday!' and 'groans'. Mariah my chat buddy is on medical leave so Im bored. But then, she hasnt been chatting with me the past few days also as she is bogged down by work while yours truly dont have quite a lot of work to do ever since the start of the school holidays except to correspond with the parents and guardians of the students who applied for the school's admission tests. Anyway I dont expect to have a totally uninterrupted chat with her coz our chat sessions are very random although it wouldnt kill for each one of us to drop lines every now and then.

Trust me, when the work comes in fast and furious, I hardly have time to have a proper lunch. Suddenly they will come in drones and my table will be like the aftermath of world war II.

Oh well...let's hope Mariah will get her chat mojo back so it will not be quite a drag for the day to end..with our without work on hand.

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