Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get Smart Movie Trip

I had a fantastic day yesterday despite suffering a tad bit of heatstroke due to the unforgivable heat weather and it didnt help that I was wearing an almost double layer of clothes. Anyway Mariah and I watched Get Smart and it didnt disappoint. Had been a while since I last watched movie since I cant even remember the last movie I watched. Watching movies on youtube do not count.

It was fantastic! Funny yet not over the top. You can almost say that it was an intelligent movie (heck, they dont call it Get Smart for nothing!) and you have this sense of 'awe...' towards the bumbling nature of the field agent codenamed agent 86.

So I urge you moviegoers who are looking for some laughs bundled with great high speed action, to watch Get Smart.

After the movie, me and Mariah had dinner at some Turkey restaurants, which by the way, are one of my favourites. But Ramen Ten is still way up there.

And some 'exclusive' pics of me and Mariah goofing around with her digital SLR camera.

(Click the picture for larger view)

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