Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One United Voice

Im amazed at how the younger generations (a.k.a teenagers) are making themselves little bundles of money and I feel like I want to jump on the bandwagon too. Ok more precisely, how they can generate income from their online presence through their blogs and adverts. But the catch is that they must have a good flair of writing and creativity which, obviously, will derive interest and viewership. Unfortunately, I dont belong in this group. Okay groups if you count the teenagers' part.

But anyway that aside, I think for me, I still dont want be so caught up with the race to be the most (in)famous blogger because it will be such a huge public display that I dont feel like posting. So here I am back to my 'I am so popular-NOT' world.

Today marked the 3 month of my job here in this school and I am still in the learning process. Trust me, even if you ask me a year later, my answer is probably the same. First, not coz Im a lazy bugger (just at times only) but there is a huge aspect of administration that I have not touched yet and frankly speaking, it IS going to be one heck of a scary ride...haiz. The way they do the discussions are a bit of an uphill task for me. In layman's term, what the %^& are you talking about?! Nevermind...Rahayu has always been the sort who will be blur when you explain the technicalities to her but somehow rather, will get the hang of it and amp it up on a bit based on what she feels will make her finis the work faster.

Okay just to tell you one of my quirks is that I buy the Straits Times only on Tuesday because I want to get a copy of the Digital Life. If you cant afford the costly IT magazines, I would say that this is a much cheaper alternative with the reviews, tips and interviews with the IT bigwigs. Anyway back to my story. I wanted to just swipe today's copy from the office but for the past few weeks, I can tell you forget about it. The Straits Times is an almost complete set..EXCEPT..for that freaking Digital Life! I would look through it and then rubbing my hands in glee coz I didnt have to spend 80 cents on a new copy but alas! The bloody DL is always missing!


So anyway I got a few ideas on what to write about Geek Speak. It's not going to be a boring read mind you but I want to share with you some tips which I think will prove useful to you especially for one of them. I remembered searching online years back for such open source software and somehow managed to find among the piles of internet ''rubbish' and then I forgot the link and that was it. To sieve through those rubbish again was going to be yet another unbearable feat and I was thinking, why the heck it could not be provided for free when people use it frequently?!!

Alas Im no software developer so I could only rant like mad. Times have changed a lot and there are a lot of developers, both on amateur and professional level and they provide help for personal and business use.

Dont worry, I shall reveal it all on Geek Speak.

Amidst the news that I read on today's ST, there was this sensational news on The Chees, the brother sister duo, who defamed PM Lee and MM Lee. They refused to apologise and retract what they said so they were brought to court. Now Im not one to talk about politics but you must still understand that politics is what makes Singapore what she is now. Now we all appreciate it if the Government helps the fellow citizens in ways that they can such as to 'cushion' them from the increasing inflation rate. Of course competition is always good and encourages challenges on a level where the people are going to benefit from them eventually. It also opens up more avenues for people to explore instead of just relying on one political party to do the job.

But to misuse the political power given to them and to throw around big bombastic words which at the end of the day will not bear any 'fruits' but just promote hatred among other people is something that should not applauded. Instead, it should be frowned upon and acted upon quickly so that the citizens as well as other international countries will not ridicule our political system.

You want to prove to us that you represent our voice, then do something instead of just throwing your weight and misleading others into despising the governemnt and all those associated with it. It's like promising the poor that you will provide them with an easier life but not being able to fulfill it and yet you use them as scapegoat in your bid to be more powerful.

Sometimes, this kind of thing make you ponder if someone's high intellect level is anything to be proud of.

Whatever the outcome, I am just glad that we are not so bad compared to other countries where the political parties are always in a spat and at the end of the day, nothing is done to alleviate the people's sufferings.It's truly sad whenever you read stories of their sad plight and then questioning to yourself where do all the money donated or loaned to their government go to? It's the classic case of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer.

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