Friday, August 01, 2008

Work Rant


what a day at work today. My colleagues had been warning me that in this last phase of primary one registration, we would be expected to have a huge crowd and it will be a mad rush trying to register them and everything would be in total chaos. Well, there was definitely crowd who was looking at the screen that we updated every now and then like a stock market. But it was not as bad as what they had described. Or maybe coz I was getting the hang of doing the online registration, via a laptop that linked to the moe registration system, so everything seemed to run smoothly? So I thought that it was a little bit disappointing but heck, it was quite an experience. And to top it off, these parents were more well versed as to how the balloting system works than me. I was struggling to understand it all like how how many needed to ballot and for how many seats and which category needed balloting.

So a big tip of the hat to them for doing their research especially when they try to enrol in a (supposedly) good school highly recommended by their friends and/or relatives.

But anyway, I figured out the balloting system already whenever I can just like how I learn everything I need to know at this workplace through hands-on experience. Although there are times where I need to read the boring manuals and notes so that I dont screw up on the facts. Sigh, talk about screw up, just when I thought I have tried to kink out the mistakes I made in locking the general office and staff room, I screwed up again yesterday because I could not decide whether to lock up the glass door or not coz of some event going on yesterday. But it was a good thing the person who discovered my mistake told me about it and though it was an embarassingly second time that she did that, she was understanding enough not to tell the whole world and make it spread like wild fire. The first time she said she thought it would not be nice so she would rather tell me direct.

So okay now I get it already. Anyway, when the boss says lock up, you jolly well lock up everything and dont think twice about it. She obviously knows what she's talking about. Sigh. I feel like Patrick the Starfish sometimes.

Oh back to that registration thingey. Besides having to annoyingly answer calls asking the same damn bloody things regarding the current stats, we have finally concluded (thanks to one parent who exceeded the total just by one), a total of 66 applicants would be balloted for 65 seats. I feel sorry for that one boy who will not make it and following the MOE strict policy (a.k.a dont play with the gah-men), no exception will be made for that one unsuccessful applicant. Of course there will always be people who will try to make a big hoohaa over things being typical Singaporeans. Just like one parent earlier who already lost her priority because she missed the registration period for the earlier phase but insisted we treated her with specialty based on that priority.

I mean so what if your children are overseas. I tell ya some of these people who just came back from overseas as returning Singaporeans and put their children in our local schools, want us to treat them like kings and queens just because they were posted overseas for work. What's the big eff deal. You were not there on holidays and squander your disposable income. You go there to work just like the rest of us.

Anyway despite me complaining at times about how snobbish the parents of these students are, my managers and vice principals dont take crap from such people. I am really amazed at how they handle people who insist that they get what they want. I mean, especially for my manager, when she is upfront with us, can be a little bit of a tight wire, but when she talks to these overly annoying parents who use threatening big voices, she takes into consideration that first and foremost, she is a parent just like them too so she knows they are anxious about their children. Uhm, except for this one time recently where she was raising her voice already but that parent was beyond words. And beyond belief.

Well, anyway now Im anticipating the balloting day next week where things will turn ugly..I mean..interesting. But as for now, after trying to reach school by 7.45am, which is more than an hour before my official time in, I am glad to say now I can afford to sleep longer. Anyway, it will be a sweet sacrifice coz I got one free leave not inclusive of my current leave entitlement. HURRAY!!!!

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