Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chuck Chuck and Away!

So I have been wearing contact lens for the past few days (oh the itchiness!!!) and cannot wait to get a new pair of glasses. But funny thing was, I do get a few comments from people saying that I looked better without glasses and dare I say this (get ready a plastic bag!), I looked prettier.

I am so dependent on my glasses that not wearing it is like taking away part of me. It also hides the ugly truth that I am as blind as a bat. Honestly, I can still see but I cant make out people's faces very well but also, even with glasses, I do struggle to see clearly at night because I have a mild case of night blindness.

Anyway the first person who said how come I looked different and..pretty...doesnt count because it came from my kepo (busybody) operations manager who just loves to stand behind my pc and make small talk.

Oh, more about him. He also likes to give me things, like Kraft cheese wedges and the Beijing Olympics gold coins featuring the major sports and other stuffs. No I do not suck up to him but he just loves dishing out his life stories to me at my cubicle and bother me endlessly with questions like 'what are you doing?'...'what are you eating?'...and his endless problems with computers...haha...And it bothers him also if I am not around like if I take leave or when I left with the VP to the meeting room and he followed saying..'what happened? what she do?!!'

So yah, funny thing was colleagues didnt really mention about my non existing glasses. But then, yesterday one teacher finally said something and she said I looked better and can see my eyes making me look prettier. I was of course saying no I dont..but she said,'s God's gift to you so you should appreciate them.

Well, really..I got no problem with them but you know, I am very self conscious. It's a virgo thing!

Okay finally I kinda accepted this fact later...that maybe, I do look better without glasses. I shall tell you why.

You know I talked about my colleague, err..Chuck, who is the school's technology assistant. So he's the person to call for in terms of computers and their peripherals.

I mean, he is a shy but friendly guy (typical geek trait) and my colleague occasionally likes to flirt playfully with him and he goes all shy like speechless or something while she laughs in her 'cutesy' manner. Seriously, it 's not cute but maybe in her world, yes.

Normally, once he finishes his job somewhere in the school, he will just sit down quietly at his cubicle minding his own business. Gawd I hate his mac. I want that one! But my boss was against it. Hrmph. Anyway, in other words, he doesnt walk around unlike the rest of us.

Recently though, I notice that he has been talking to me quite often. No I didnt get my flirt on with him although, on a side note, it would be cool to adopt his surname because it's such a nice one..muahaha...Im just saying! The other day, when my colleague was talking to me coz I called her over to help me with some computer stuff (I suck at excel) and he also came by and hung around at the side of my cubicle....same spot as where my ops manager always stand...and was just looking around at my place but not saying anything. Seriously, there's nothing to see at my work cubicle. It's just so bare so I dunno what's the attraction there.! :D heh...

And he did that again yesterday!!! I didnt even call him over like my colleague behind me who wanted him to help out with her computer which I dont understand what the heck she was blabbering about. Apparently, he didnt either...haha..

Then out of nowhere, he just stood at that spot again looking at me from opposite as I was getting ready to pack my bag while chatting online with mariah. It was I had to say something...I was like..'So........did u get ur free file also?' hehe..the perks of working in a school. I get a souvenir too! And he was nodded his head and he was still standing. He was watching me stuff my bag with the letters that I needed to post leftover short, the whole process lah..without saying anything.

So I got to say something and I asked him..'So Chuck! Where do you live?' And it went from he said he lived very far from here but with just one bus. Within that fifteen minutes, he talked a lot and how he was thinking of whether he wanted to look for a new job and oh, how he doesnt like to work with female bosses compared to male bosses. Even when I walked away for a while..cant remember for what..oh, I think locking up the doors in my office, he was still standing there as if waiting for me to come back to my cubicle. And then I walked away again to make the announcement again, on his persuasion, to ask them to leave the office, and he was still there hanging around and remarking how I sounded so polite chasing them away.

As I came back to sit down, I told him, 'you're not patriotic! you're not wearing red or white!' And then he said, 'no, I feel so anti today..I actually wore red yesterday but I got no choice and then, I remembered that I actually wore it on the wrong day..' and he went on and on about his shirts and I said, 'wow you remembered what colour...I don even remember what I wore yesterday!' which he then laughed at my remark.

And then later one teacher came down and she had recently removed the cast off her arm and he asked her how was it and then later she also commented I looked better without my specs and prettier. And he agreed also..he said the same thing..saying that 'yah, you do look that I can see your eyes because your glasses sorta cover up ur face'..and he actually kept looking at my face like trying to imagine me with and without glasses, I think, that made me squirm and remarked..'dont ah! Im so shy especially when you're standing there..'

Wow..for a guy to comment that to me? Like I told Mariah, I am so over the moon!!!! Do you know that I never get such compliments before..from a guy? Ok maybe some weirdo on the street at some traffic light who suddenly commented to me..'you're so beautiful'..

Like wow. Okay I have not developed a crush over Chuck not that Im saying he's not worth it...and he does have characteristics that I kinda think are okay in my books like hey, that guy knows his computer! heh..and he's friendly and yet a bit shy shy and has a cute laugh.

But I dunno...maybe he has a crush on me? WHAHAHA!!!! I tell you that is funnier that the usual dumb blonde jokes!

Aiyah...I dunno...I may not be as friendly as other girls but somehow, I do notice that once guys get to know me better, they are like so relaxed talking to me like some good friend of theirs but never the sort who think of me as more than that. It's not something that I noticed recently but that is always the case. Not that I mind..really. Only on good days..haha..

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