Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Priviledged Minute Taker

I am actually recuperating from quite a bad bout of gastric pain just now. Now I am feeling a bit better thanks to my Mum's hot tea, which surprisingly, she didnt turn down my request. The pain is still there which is odd coz I did eat some rice just now with the leftover breaded prawns from Old Chang Kee.

Sidelining here. Gosh, that stick of prawns cost only $1 because of the National Day promotion. It ended last night and I managed to get a stick of octopus head before the crowd started coming in after work and forming a queue. Seriously, that thing is gross but damn it, the batter made it taste better and I am really trying not to buy it too often like maybe once in two weeks or what. I cant eat the whole thing so I would either share it with my mum or eat it over two days. I dislike fried food but heck, once in awhile wont clog your arteries...haha..Oh, did I tell you that they put a huge poster saying that their fried items are now trans fat free?

Come on ah..that spells gimmick all over it.

Darn..why oh why do I have stomach ache now? Would it be a good excuse to escape work later? Seriously, I would do anything to escape work..but since I am going to claim time off this week, then have to 'tahan' or bear with it unless of course, I cant even crawl out of bed. Speaking of which, my colleague (yes..the one with the erratic behaviour) fell sick again and she still came to work despite getting two days of mc starting from today where she claimed that she overworked herself. Wow. Okay she did some work in office too just now clearing some invoices but most of the time, she would be pretty loud when talking to my other colleague and my Ops manager and making remarks followed by obnoxious giggles. Dont we have enough noise pollution already?!

Well, anyway I spent my morning writing up the minute and actually had to rely on good ol' google to figure out what the heck the abbreviations they were throwing around during the meeting stand for. I was lost no doubt in the beginning coz the last time I wrote a minute, it pretty much resembled an essay. Yes my longwindedness can get out of hand at times. But later, during that last meeting, I kinda got the hang of it already even though I did fall in lapses of boredom. It was an executive committee meeting..what u expect for someone who falls asleep easily 5 minutes into a lecture?

But hey, such a meeting would be nothing without hearing things that are better left in the boardroom..heh heh. My colleague asked me how was minute writing..and then she was like..'so you got to hear a lot of things right?' And I just gave my best grin. The minute I came back from the meeting, I went to Chuck and told him that there was something wrong with the laptop because it used the dying battery even though it was plugged into the wall socket. But Chuck was like..'what are you doing in there in the first place?!' I said I was the minute taker and he gave this 'wow...you?' look. I didnt know being a minute taker is such a priviledged post..hehe..

Oh..pay is in and this is not exactly a good month because my budget is very limited and I seriously have to stretch every dollar and cent even if it means lying to my mum on the availability of certain things or swap for less expensive things on certain days. NTUC fairprice is like my best friend now and I kinda am used to the 5 to 8 minutes walk there.

But I still have to get a new pair of specs...GROANS!!! I salute those who are regular contact lens wearers. How the heck do you do it? Dont ur eyes beg for you to rub?!! Then again, my eyes are very sensitive just like my skin.

Anyway, it's still something that I have to do eventually once in every two years or so...sigh.

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