Friday, August 29, 2008

Andrew Who

I actually met an ex colleague of mine just now and Im glad things didnt change much like how I used to be really sad when I entertained the thought of leaving my old company (thats before they kicked me out..hrmph) because she was like a second mother to me.

I missed her general friendliness and her appeal because she's just so funny with her light hearted view on life in general and who always see something positive out of something serious. Im glad things dont change between us although all the travelling throughout the years have taken a toll on her and she looked pale just now as she is still nursing her cough. has been a long time...March until almost end of August. I gave her a bag as a gift coz her birthday was last month and she wasnt contactable at that time. Apparently she said she was falling in and out of sickness. And in turn, I got a tub of ice cream and a whole packet of kit kat because she said she hardly see me so just a little gift for me in return. Aww...rahayu touched.

How about my own mother buying for me ice cream?! pftt....Actually, if my mum had her way, she would also buy but there is always 'someone' who would lecture against buying it. Gee, I wonder who. I mean really, if you have a brother who can go a bit out of control with things like this and then when he overeats despite being told to stop already (there are always these numerous small bites after that cue to stop), that lecture is for good especially if I dont want to hear my mum's repeated nagging about the whole ice cream fiesta. My ears can only take so much.

And there is always the 'ice cream is not within our budget' thingey with me..heh..

Oh, she also treated me to food. I actually craved yong tau foo which is actually a soupy dish which you can choose steamed or fried items which they will then put into a dry or soup mixture. Very healthy if you have choose more of the steamed items and eat less of the chilli. But, I kinda pitied her because there were not many options for her at that banquet so we proceeded to a nearby eating area which is more like a place for family and friends to tuck in the food.

Uhm, I had problems choosing what to eat and it brought me back to those days when I ate out mostly for lunch where I was often torn between what food can I eat with less guilt and also easy on the pocket. But hey, since all this while I have been feeding on bread for lunch because I could not be bothered to order food from outside or go canteen, so heck, it wouldnt kill to eat something different. So in the end, she ordered for me indian styled fried bee hoon which she chose for me.

It was hot and spicy which was aight for me..but..salty? Well, at least I can rest assured that my daily lunch date with bread hasnt killed my taste bud.

Anyway food aside, I am glad things have been going rather smoothly for mostly all my ex colleagues who were off to a rough start in the beginning of the year after the handover to another company. There were changes in the staff movement with me looking at the list of names and going...'Who is this?!'....'Is she Malay or Indian?!'....'Do I know her?!!'....'Is she new?!' a girlfriend going through the contact list of her boyfriend in his handphone. Well, I got the interrogation blood from my mum, only milder.

We even gossiped a tiny bit about another ex colleague who has joined the same ministry as me and then she was like asking if I kept in touch with her. I said, well sorta...coz she does call me in my office and then asking me what courses I would be signing up. So she was like..well...maybe she's busy with her boyfriend, that Indian guy who is very serious about her. I said, uhm...I think she changed boyfriend already coz I said nowadays, in internet, people do update about their life. I told her I havent asked her for any details yet like whether she is still with this guy or who is this butch looking guy in her friendster whom she dubbed her 'honey bunny'.

Anyway she was surprised about this latest revelation but I said no confirmation coz I just happened to notice only but her surprise came about from the fact that the guy is so serious, he wanted to marry her. Im like..pfft...dont guys who are about his age always eager to marry the minute they find a suitable candidate whom they have barely known? I dont know the cause of her break up...yet....but I spy with my little eye that, the fact that she made him wait coz they only knew each other for like two months or so at that time caused him to be impatient? Hey, Im just saying.....

Speaking of guys, I am sorry but I just could not help but to address Chuck's red polo shirt today coz seriously, I kinda noticed he had been wearing red the past few days. And uhm, I do notice that the past two conversations I had with him this week stemmed from the fact that if I asked him just one question non work related, it would trail into quite a long conversation which I, for once, would be glad to hear a phone ringing because I didnt think that it would stop so soon and if boss is around, I wouldnt think it would go down well on her..haha..That guy sure can talk. So just one question of something in the line of 'you're wearing a red shirt again today' led to me knowing his mum is not around this week so he does his own laundry...he separates red from white...he has an andrew christian shirt with red markings on the sleeves which is an original and bought from the US....and oh, he loves free food (and he noticed that I would also go and take the free food whenever the office was invited to I that obvious?!).

Andrew Christian shirt with his trademark cross on the coming from a geek who just bought a Samsung omnia phone with a 5 mega pixel camera and whose first video downloaded into the phone is an episode of Star Atlantis? Honestly, I only know of Andrew Christian as a designer of men's underwear and not men's wear who had his guest spot on an episode of Janice Dickinson's modelling agency. But I dont want to tarnish my reputation as a hunk loving person because now he knows Im a freebo already when it comes to food.

Speaking of which, there would be a Teacher's Day lunch tomorrow which he said the office staff will be invited except that they normally dont go. I said well I would be 'shy' too if I were them but he was like..'we dont have to stay with them..we can just grab and go and come down to office and eat here' I said....'okay! :D..we will go together then!'. Later my moody colleague told my more sensible colleague that she wants to buy food for her which she then remarked why. Moody was like..'but I dont want to eat their food! I dont want anything that the school gives!' drama mama.

Anyway tomorrow will conclude another end of the working week. Yay! And I still have 6 and a half more thick files of invoices to update in the database and check and sign...*groans*

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