Guilty Pleasure

Im down with the flu bug although it's not a serious one. Okay..until I developed a fever yesterday coz I was stuck at the polyclinic for more than two hours and then I had to continue my day doing grocery shopping for the family. Well, nowadays private clinic is not an option for me because my family doctor charges times, I even need more than 50 dollar for a simple ailment. Sighs...But my mum, surprisingly wasnt so bad to me..she had actually made for me a whole bottle of tea! You have no idea how hard it is for her to even make for me a cup of tea when it's not the usual morning routine of making one.
Nevertheless, Im better except of course, flu is not something u recover overnight. As long as I am armed with a tissue napkin, Im good to go but Im a mess when I return from work because of all the air con in the office.
Since Im bl0**ging from work, I cant write as much as I can back home. Well, one of my guilty pleasures is that I watch soap dramas online...though not in its entirety but just selected scenes coz a drama is not a drama without a LOT of drama so one can onlie adhere to just..a few..heh. But of course, the selected ones are usually the most popular storylines in the drama.
Okay the one that I watched yesterday was a soap drama alright. I was watching the first season and I already know what happened in the third season but u know, the first one would usually be where they would fall in love with each other..yadah yadah. Uhm, a soap drama with a difference that it's almost like a semi soft porn..muahaha..okay, Im exaggerating but which soap drama would you see a guy strip down to his boxers and showing the tv viewers...and then which drama can you see a woman in a hot tub..grabbing her boobs as a joke to her male friend? (by which you know she was actually topless in the tub).
And they swear! They say f$$k in both its meaning! NO BLEEPS!! He was like 'I tell you what you will understand...F&*k YOU!!' and ...'Im not here to talk..Im here to f&*k'...
Not bad...for some cheap looking (seriously, they keep showing the same lodge and settings) drama..heh heh.
And why the heck do I always have a penchant for watching such dramas! Well, anything to distract me from problems in real life..sigh..


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