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Horror cum Love Movie

Oh, just a little tid bit of an info regarding my work in addition to the earlier entry. Well you all know about my moody colleague whom I rant about at times. Well, at times she talks to me like Im her friend but at times, she gives me the cold shoulder out of nowhere like she got no time for people like me. Thankfully the rest are okay. And yah now I figured out why the heck there was always this strong perfume smell at times when I go into the toilet or pass by the technology assistant's table. Let's just call him Chuck.

Apparently, when me and another two colleagues were cross checking the list of registered applicants from the last three days, he was sitting beside me to see us checking while also packing up the laptops. Okay seriously Chuck, you may want to reduce the dosage of your cologne coz *aheck*, it was pretty overpowering. And him sitting there for about five minutes was almost enough to suffocate me.

Okay enough about work rant.

Did you know that in my late teens, I used to watch quite a lot of horror movies? Seriously, I have no fetish for slashing, blood and gory stuffs and those shock tactics. Neither do I want to watch them but you know, some people are so into them and unfortunately, at that point of time when I used to listen to heavy metal music and look at morbid album covers, they thought I would be okay watching horror flicks where such music would be featured also.

The thing is, I was so not okay. I think I spent a better half of my time in the cinema counting the number of popcorns people dropped on the floor. So much so, I somehow always had the hunch that something bad was going to happen and so I managed to turn my attention away elsewhere and true enough, someone got murdered mercilessly or some other things.

But okay, get this. Out of all the horror movies I watched *shudders*, the one horror movie that I truly enjoyed was Carrie 2: The Rage. It was supposed to be a modern remake of the classic Stephen King's movie Carrie but flopped big time. However, despite the massacre at the teens' party where almost everybody died in more ways than one, *shudders again*, the beginning storyline right up to the time she went berserk (very cool the way the wire motive from her tattoo swivelled around her torso), felt like it was straight out of a romance novel.

I mean okay this Emily was a social misfit who actually had telekinetics power which would be stronger whenever she was emotional. And while having to know about the death of her only friend and best friend who killed herself after falling prey to a bet made by the jocks in school, she actually started to fall in love with another jock.

Actually she would have been the next victim, where the guy would keep a scorecard, but the jock turned out to actually have feelings for her right from the start. It's more on he pitied her and thought that there was more to her. So while he had a chance encounter with her when he helped her rush her dog to the hospital, it later eventually led to a relationship and changed her also to a sweet young thing. But it turned out the joke was still on her when his friends thought that he was just playing along with her.

Unfortunately, he had not arrived at the party yet and when he came, the place was practically almost burned down and the whole place was a bloody mess. But he still believed in her although she had a hard time believing in him because she thought he set her up. She was about to kill him when she saw, in the video where those damn rascals showed them in bed, he uttered 'I love you' when she was sleeping in his arm. She telekinetically replayed the video to that part again and again as though in disbelief and realised that he was telling the truth that he had no part in it. So she flung him out of the window into the swimming pool to save him before the remaining burning ceiling piece fell down on her.

So he survived while she died and a year later, he was seen taking care of her dog which actually had brought them together. His arm was disfigured because it caught fire while he was trying to save her but it served as a reminder that you should never date a social misfit. Okay, maybe you can. Just not one who can be out of control when in rage. Or just dont hang out with too many dumb jocks. Unless they're hunks.

Im missing the point here right?

I tried to upload a fanvid of the video from youtube but it didnt work. I dont know if later it will appear on the blog so you know what the heck I rambled about. Well, if you're into renting dvd, I think you should really try to rent it though. And if you cant stand the massacre bit, just watch the one before she flew into a rage. I think I would rent it but will be on my long waiting list, haha..

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