Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Naked Fugly Face

Great! After two years of trying to avoid doing the dirty deed, I have done it. I broke my spectacles! Argh!!!!! I tried to take care of it, though not in the most conventional way, but basically NOT breaking it would be the ultimate care. And dumb rahayu broke it in the dark! I it 'sleepy so cant think straight'..misplaced the damn thing..and broke it!

Damn..damn...damn!! It sucks coz now I got to buy a new one! And that broken specs cost me $200 which was more than what most people would pay for coz I thought it would be a good way for me to avoid breaking since it's so pricey. Well, it worked...until now! Im peeved! It's not as if I got so much money with me!

I was looking at some random optical shops which I passed by after buying groceries from a local mart and a package of frame and lens will cost $80. Sigh. 80 freaking bucks and if I do know any better, they will always have additional costs coz based on experience of often breaking glasses and buying replacements, it is always the same ol'..same ol' of...'oh, this lens are special...' or 'this lens are double coated'...'with your degrees, you have to pay a bit more'...whatever lah!!! They basically cant rig up the price of the frames if you choose a cheap one for example so they will charge more for the lens then..sigh.

Anyway, so now....I got no choice but to get a new pair. For now, Im surviving with a new pair of contact lens which I opened the packs just now for the sake of not running into lamp posts. Honestly, despite not liking wearing contacts because it always feel like I got something foreign sticking on my eyeballs, and my face looks overexposed (read: fugly), the world around me is undeniably brighter and clearer. Basically coz the lens are not as smudgy as my basic pair of specs, where even after wiping, still looks smudgy as ever coz of lens deterioration over the years.

Im still contemplating on whether I should my coming pay to buy a brand new specs or wait till later. Meanwhile, I just have to make do with the contact lens which I wear without my mum knowing about it coz she is against it. Despite my mum's remark that I look prettier coz my face is not hidden behind a pair of specs (Im too bummed to accept it as a compliment which I should actually coz she doesnt think I am at all). Sigh...stupid Im in such dilemma. I mean I just know it's bound to happen sooner or later still sucks.

Anyway, Im wearing my specs now which I have scotch taped the broken part together. I took off the contacts already as I dont want to end up sleeping in them whether during bed time or during my evening nap time. If not, I will end up getting another scar on my eye again.

Oh, talking about my mum, you know one of her nasty habits is talking to me when Im watching tv or when she's watching tv. I mean seriously, can't she tell her repeated life stories or her angst against my father and his family when I am not watching tv? And then I have to focus my attention on her instead of the googlebox (so that's where the world google comes from!) because the minute I shift my eyes to it, she will call for my attention. But to ignore her will be like calling upon The Incredible Hulk. So have to tolerate it until I can tolerate no more of which I will then holler...'Mum! I want to watch tv!' Normally, I will snap during CSI:Miami. You can't miss that! Every evidence is critical! Ok more like I will lose the sense of the storyline.

This person happens to be the same one who is so excited in planning what I can wear on National Day eve at work. She was like..'eh you can wear like her to work for National Day!' I said they did not even tell me what to wear on that day but she was taken aback workplace is the most dull in the can they not have the National Day spirit. And this planning went on even after last weekend and then as what she had expected for, my colleague did ask to wear red and white on that day. I was wondering if my mum had anything to do with this. So of course, she got even more excited and then showing me the things in the dirty laundry bag what she can wash so I can wear on that day.

But I dont have a red sleeveless top and the white spaghetti top that I had for few years had already torn and I did not get a replacement for that. I alrady have few pairs of white blouses and a red blouse. I guess red is not a favourite colour scheme despite its reputation to bring luck. Or uhm...bring back an angry revengeful spirit.

And when Im short on budget, my last thought will be to buy a new piece of clothing and sigh, eventually, looking at how handicapped I am in terms of what to wear on National Day eve, I had to get one. But then looking around randomly at a mall where I frequent after work to buy snacks or groceries, I didnt think I would have any luck since now things are so expensive.

And then, a glimmer of hope. This Fashion was having sales. I didnt have much hope in this clothing store coz despite the sales, my budget is still too tight to buy something new from there. But I just tried my luck. At first, I thought heck...I doubt I can find anything and then right before I left the shop, I saw on the rack this sleeveless knitted, and most importantly, red top that doesnt look either too small or too big but just nice. Oh, and it doesnt have those gawdy looking embellishments or designs which I am not a fan of. And then I was hoping it was 6 bucks and it is! YAY!!!

And to add sugar on top of my already sweet chocolate brownie, I got a furthe discount on it and so I paid only $4.80 on that. Double YAY!!!

I showed my mum and she was happy about it coz I would get to wear something similar to that girl on tv who was doing an interview with the NDP stars on Suria channel. But she said what would look even better is when I have a pair of white pants or skirt. I am SO not going to be all red and white! It just spells weird all over! Speaking of weird, I had an ex colleague who actually did dress up in just red and white ensemble including a pair of white earrings. Talk about being patriotic.

Maybe I will take a snapshot of it on Friday. You will get to see it, mock it, and oh, also laugh at my naked fugly face since, you know, I broke my specs so I am specless now.

Big sigh again.

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