Monday, August 25, 2008

Matthew Mitcham wins Gold

Congratulations Matthew Mitcham!!!!

Now Im not an olympics fan but I know of this guy before the Beijing Olympics started because he came out in the news two weeks before the game as being an openly gay diver. This is a rarity because the sports world can be very homophobic. A lot of them have to hide their sexuality because people dont take them seriously as sportsmen because many people see sports like some sort of a macho thing. Seriously, do you know of any out footballer? Or basketballer?

But this guy is out and proud and he had the last laugh. Even though he failed his 3m springboard, he managed to calm his nerves and just go all out for his 10m diving. He didnt expect to win gold but at least a silver will do like his fellow team member who won silver in the last Olympics game.

Anyway, in his last dive, he pulled a score that not only beat the leading diver's score from China, but made the highest score ever in the Olympics history.

Congratulations Matt!!!

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