Monday, September 07, 2015

Being Presentable & Confident

I've decided that while I'm trying to lose the extra kilos, which is a futile effort but I am still not giving up on it, I am not going to let my confidence level drop down low just because I'm not as slim and attractive as other girls. It's ok because what is important is being comfortable in my own skin by walking and presenting myself in confidence. It's also ok if I'm not a head turner because what is more important is being thankful that I am here right now and doing my best to ensure that everyday is a blessing and that I'm doing my best in everything that I choose to do.

Of course I've said this many times in my previous blog posts like why can't I attract any guy, even the gym guy whom I've been crushing on for pretty long. I believe that he'll make a good friend with his grit, determination and quiet personality. But yah, if I don't rock his boat, it's ok! It doesn't make me any lesser attractive. I still quietly hope he talks to me and I don't care if it doesn't lead to anywhere, even a friendship, but I just want to be able to hear him talk to me one day. A girl can wish, can't she?

So yah, before I turn this into an unrequited crush story, I would like to work hard on presenting myself to the world in the best that I can. Yes, even though I take a few extra minutes nowadays, dolling myself up if it's going to help me raise my confidence level a notch a bit. If your personality and confidence shines through, I realize that you can just be in slacker shirt, jeans and a pair of sandals but you will still have this air of confidence that is not bordering towards arrogance but simply telling the world that you are ready to tackle the day head on.

Whether you're single or you're with somebody, it doesn't matter. Never stop taking care of your mental and physical self. You are worth much more than how you perceive yourself to be, whether you turn heads or in my case, losing hope that he will one day to talk to me. If it's not meant to be, life still goes on. Who knows, there will be someone even better that comes along who thinks that you're worth making friends with because in his eyes, you are not just what you are on the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

Take heart that if you choose to focus on living life to the fullest, continue being presentable and confident, you will care less about frivolous things but care more about people who give a damn about you.


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