Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Words Can Hurt

Words can hurt. Before you roll your eyes to that statement, think again. Sometimes, you think that well, you know the person can take a joke and so wont be easily offended. Or they know you as someone who dont always mean what you say. Well, newsflash! That may be true but if it comes to a point where you perpetually say words that sound harsh or in an accusatory manner, a seasoned friendship can turn sour. Come on, everyone is vulnerable even if they show a tough exterior or reflects a 'heck care' attitude. At times, they are just being nice but for how long can one tolerate?

I always advocate this if u notice in my blog but seriously, it pays to think first before words roll out of ur tongue. A friendship lost isnt worth it, is it?

I've been in such a situation before. Many years ago, I was called an outcast which was meant as a joke when we had these imaginary clubs. Sure, no harm done but if it was used on you over and over the same people, it kinda got me hard that I truly felt like an outcast. No thanks to the fact that I transfered to another class coz I didnt do too well in the previous year.

I was naive then but now I dont let words that hurt get to me easily. I would try the self defence way if I feel that it's a poor way of judging me. But hey if they refuse to budger or listen, I try not to get upset over it. No matter what, my heart's fragile...heh....but I recover pretty fast. At most I try to have lesser conversations with such pple because nobody deserves to feel inferior because of other people's actions.

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