Friday, December 26, 2008

Blog Personalised

Im going to give this blog a little bit of revamp and this time, it is not in the form of a new blogskin...coz I like this one and it's da best one so far. The kind of revamp is that I am going to make this more personal..content wise. So far, it has been personal since this blog is also the place where I rant about life and how unfair it can be sometimes. But hey, in the game of life, there are some high points and there are some low points. People like me, get mostly low but I have to learn to stand up against everything that is thrown at me and I know somehow I will recover from them even it can be excruciatingly slow.

How am I going to make it more personal? Rather than just complain, I will offer opiniated views, just like the blogs I read where they include abbreviations like IMHO (In my humble opinion). Things that I come across that set this burning desire to blog about and this time, I am not going to forget easily what I want to blog when I get back home. Yup, old age has started to creep on me. Plus I am easily distracted by other things as well.

I am also going to start reupdating my blog on friendster...which is about life as a single w oman. At first, the whole point of me setting up a facebook account is not to keep in touch with old friends, well...sorrie...thats the truth....or make myself more popular. I am just not one of those who add people to the friend list and then not keeping up with any of them but use facebook to increase their own popularity. Despite what I said about not actually using facebook to keep in touch, that was what I had in mind initially but over the time, it kinda expanded and I get to see what my other friends are up to.

Okay, another thing to keep in mind...NOT to stray away from the actual topic at uhm, the above paragraph. Ok ok...the 'actual' revamping will be in the next entry?! hehe..

So yah, basically just that. Make it more that when people come to visit, they actually get to know more about me because sometimes, I communicate better through written words rather than spoken words. Mostly coz I tend to mumble through...heh. we go to a new start!

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