Friday, December 26, 2008

Sinful Chocolates

Can I make a complain?! Why does chocolate have to be fattening?! WHY?!!! Dammit, that thing tastes so good, if it's not for the 'high fat content', I would be glad to gobble up the whole damn thing..without any guilt! Tsk.

Yes Im complaining because during this festive season, I get chocolates every now and then but I cant eat all of them. It takes ages just to finish a pack of cadbury chocs.

Anyway when I did a bit of research as to what exactly makes chocolates so good yet so sinful..I found this...

Nutrition On Chocolates

Read it to believe it especially when u have been  hearing words onlie as to why we cant eat that much chocs.

And despite research telling us also that eating dark chocolates can help to lower high blood pressure, which we can shout hooray at, there is one problem. You can onlie eat about 1 dark chocolate hershey kiss per day. Just one miserable kiss. And it can help to reduce high blood pressure by up to 40%. In order to get a higher percentage, it has to be in associatioon with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

So dont be fooled. Oh chocies, why the heck are u so sinful. Sigh...

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